Friday, September 22, 2023

#Bookreview of I Really Really Don't Want Braces by Sophie Jupillat Posey

I Really Really Don't Want Braces

By: Sophie Jupillat Posey
Illustrated by: Mary Claire Hoffmann
Publication Date: April 24, 2023
ISBN: 978-1088014233
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: September 21, 2023
Braces are not fun, but in I Really Really Don’t Want Braces, young readers will discover that along with all the unpleasant things that come with braces, there are also some very important positive things to consider.
Mario is upset – he’s been told that he needs braces. His parents have told him braces are necessary, and his dentist has told him too. His teeth are very crooked, food gets stuck in them, and he gets too many cavities. But Mario doesn’t want braces. He hates the way they look and he’s heard that they hurt. Plus, the bullies at school will make fun of him. So Mario does what any smart kid would do – he hides. He tries hiding in the attic, in a laundry basket, and even under the family’s trampoline. Maybe if his parents can’t find him, he won’t have to get braces.
Alas, Mario’s idea to hide is a flop. His mom finds him, and brings him, pronto, to the dentist. Before Mario knows what has happened, he’s got brand new braces on his crooked teeth. Ouch!
Mario is upset because his teeth hurt so much. It hurts to eat, and he can’t even nibble on candy. When he goes to school the next day, people make fun of him. Poor Mario is just so miserable.
When Mario gets home from school, he’s excited to see that his big brother Tony is home from college. It doesn’t take long for Mario to tell his brother about his braces, and how horrible everything is now because of them. Will Tony be able to help Mario get through the discomfort of braces, and help him see the advantages to getting his teeth straightened?
Lots of children have to get braces and it can be an anxious time for them as they hear from friends about braces. They may be told braces hurt, they look funny, or that people will tease them. All of those things are true and author Sophie Jupillat Posey doesn’t sugarcoat the facts about braces. The braces feel funny to Mario, they hurt, and some of the kids at school do pick on him and call him names. But through big brother Tony, Mario (and readers) learn how to cope with all aspects of getting braces. After starting the story as a very unhappy child, Mario finishes his tale happy, excited, and looking forward to his soon-to-be very straight teeth. An additional helpful element to this book is that it is bilingual - written in both English and French. I Really Really Don’t Want Braces is a nice book to share with youngsters who are nervous about the prospect of getting braces.
Quill says: Joining Mario on his journey within the pages of I Really Really Don’t Want Braces is a great way to help youngsters ease the anxiety of getting braces and understand the good things that come from having your teeth straightened.
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