Wednesday, September 6, 2023

#BookReview of Eva by Diane Solomon

Eva: A Riveting Romantic Suspense with a Supernatural Twist

By: Diane Solomon
Publisher: Eloquent Rascals Publishing
Publication Date: July 15, 2023
ISBN: 978-0998994925
Reviewed by: Lily Andrews
Review Date: September 2, 2023

A gorgeous tribute to the newest genre of magical realism, Diane Solomon's novel Eva wears its influences on its sleeve as it sublimely melds intriguing suspense, supernatural elements, and romance.

Eva is a blisteringly smart novel that follows Eva, a beautiful young woman who lost her mother at the early age of twelve. She was then raised by her aunt, Sophie, whose life was cut short after an illness when Eva was in college. Eva's dream was to be a veterinarian and share a unique bond with animals and connect with them in a way no one at the local shelter where she works could. She preferred a reserved and conservative lifestyle, opting to hide her beauty behind her glasses. Little does Eva know that a blissful romance and a possible chance at human love are fast approaching.

Eva unexpectedly stumbles upon a letter written by her late aunt unearthing the existence of her father, William Hastings III, a rich and powerful man. She finds herself seeking answers, hoping to unearth the truth about her elusive past. She also becomes aware of a powerful and special gift within her to heal animals. Her hidden mystical ability does not stay for long and soon the media learns of it and this finds her graciously thrown into the limelight which she had managed to stay out of all her life. Fronting accusations and maligning at every turn, Eva is left with one prime thing to do - stay alive.

Diane Solomon has written a resplendent delight for the heart and soul. Written in taut, evocative prose, this novel conjures up the literal specter of false accusations and their possible effects, what it means to be different and unique, the common human longing for honest connections, and what it takes to protect special skills. The text further explores the distinctness and sameness of people and animals through the protagonist's inexplicable relationship with the animal world. Solomon writes like a tightrope artist, keeping the tale's balance in place. She beautifully recreates the time and space allowing readers to experience Pine Hill in the state of Connecticut along with the Rhode Island Coast straight from their living room through her apt descriptions.

With a touch so sure, the exuberance of the author shines in the many trenchant lines that are marvelously quotable and suitable as excellent takeaways. The simmering romance between Michael and Eva is not rushed and ample time is given in the narrative for it to grow right before readers' eyes. The touch of mysticism displayed by Eva's ability manages to explore the boundaries between the real world and the imaginary, ultimately enticing one to embrace the enigmatic by incorporating it into a realist framework of real people and places.

Quill says: Eva by Diane Solomon has all the limpid sharpness of an old-fashioned tale and one that will move adult readers and teens alike.

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