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#BookReview - The Silver Coin (The Oaths of Dante, Book 1)

The Silver Coin (The Oaths of Dante, Book 1)

By: Mika Mathews
Publisher: Bookbaby
Publication Date: September 11, 2022
ISBN: 978-1667863146
Reviewed by: Trix Lee-Rainwater
Review Date: March 29, 2023

In a war-torn world full of demigods, how does one low-born non-magical orphan shape his destiny? We follow Dante and his journey in The Silver Coin by Mika Mathews.

Fifty years ago, the gods descended down to earth and brought war with them, leading to the destruction of many countries and the decimation of the population. The gods won and, as it goes, multiple demigod bloodlines were conceived over the next decades. It was in this world ravaged by perpetual wars among the different god factions that fourteen-year-old Dante woke up in a hospital after his city became collateral damage in one of these civil wars. The wars had left him an orphan and now, his foster mother was also dead. All alone, he was then sent to New Olympus as a refugee.

As a voracious reader who is now working in the Inheritance Library, Dante has access to a multitude of books, including magic books. He knows that knowledge of magic is forbidden to those without divine bloodlines or an affiliation with the gods or their priests. He also knows he is not even allowed to touch these books. The risk is great but Dante has yearned for magic for so many years - and now this is one risk he is very willing to take. His desire to learn magic leads to him picking up a book from the magic section of the library and reading a passage on The Power of Choice and Magic. His resolve to be a sorcerer grows and he calls to the Goddess Hecate with a request to help him help the world. As the Goddess of Paths and Choices, Hecate listens. Dante then receives a small silver coin with the mark of Hecate and a condition that, in a month’s time, if Dante can prove that he’s able to feel and wield magic without Hecate’s aid, he can then be a Priest in Training under the goddess.

The Silver Coin by Mika Mathews is the first book in this mythic fiction series about how an ordinary person can achieve extraordinary deeds by shaping his own destiny. Dante was endearing and easy to like. The boy had been through a lot of struggles and came out of it stronger than ever. After he lost his mother to the war, his father and stepmother abused and discarded him and yet, when faced with the choice, he still chose to help them. It was a well-written scene that showed that Dante could feel anger and resentment but still choose to be altruistic toward his abuser for the sake of others. The story mentioned a lot of mythological gods which did not have any role in the plot but the ones that do have roles were written well. I especially liked the fresh perspective on Hecate. There was also a romantic subplot that I initially thought was a bit abrupt but, at the same time, I appreciated the fact that the writer did not let the romance take the focus away from the actual plot.

Quill says: This is a mythology-based fiction about an ordinary orphan with a heart of a healer and his benefactor Hecate, Goddess of Choice and Magic, as they find their paths and shape their destinies.

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