Thursday, March 16, 2023

#BookReview - Ourman: Book 1 by Gilgamesh Uth

Ourman: Book 1

By: Gilgamesh Uth
Publication Date: January 17, 2023
ISBN: 979-8201157418
Reviewed By: Kathy Stickles
Review Date: March 14, 2023
In any culture's history, there is always a hero who seems to appear to guide others in shaping the ideas of what is best for the world they live in. In Ourman: Book 1, by Gilgamesh Uth, we meet such a hero, named Steven, and follow along on his journey.
As the book opens, we meet a young lion who is speaking to his grandfather and asks him, “Is there not one human we respect?” His grandfather proceeds to take him to another part of the jungle to speak with the leader of the Okapis. He asks this leader to tell his grandson the legend of man so that the young one knows that such a human does truly exist. There begins the story of Ourman, in this case a man named Steven. The novel explores the journey of Steven, a man who has ended up on Earth with his wife, not having any idea of why he is there or where he came from. Now these two people must find a path forward in what is their new life and reality. Of course, as in any good story, a group of events will happen that will separate these two people and send our hero on a different path where his identity is full of mystery and there is the possibility of him being destroyed completely. What will happen to our hero as he goes forward and tries to make his way? Will he ever find his wife again? Will the ups and downs of his new path bring him back home or send him further away? The reader will discover the answers as the story progresses - and it's a story I recommend you read.
Ourman: Book 1 is philosophical in its telling and the author does a very good job engaging the reader. The characters in the story all have a reason to be there and are important, not only to the main character but to the background of the entire story. Mr. Uth uses each of these characters in the best way to tell a truly enthralling story, involving legends and beliefs from other cultures as they all, in their own way, become a part of Steven’s journey to figure out his past and succeed in his future. The way that Mr. Uth writes the main character as a hero, but also shows the depth of the man beneath, is really exceptional and makes for a captivating story. In addition, the author has a talent for writing in such descriptive language that the reader feels they are truly in these places and can experience what they are like right along with the characters in the story.
If there is one criticism about the book, it would be the formatting. On some pages there are indents at the beginning of the paragraphs and on some pages there are not. In some instances there is proper spacing between paragraphs and in some instances there is no spacing between them. A proper editing of the story so that everything is the same would go far in making the book a bit easier to read. All of the differences on the pages can, at times, be very distracting.
Overall, this is a fascinating and interesting novel that will lead the reader to ask themselves a lot of questions. The story of a hero is fixed in so many different cultures and this one is told very well. It is a must-read for anyone who enjoys an insightful book that will make you think. In addition, the story is left open at the end so the reader is hopeful for more adventures for Steven and the other characters as they continue forward on their path. It leaves us knowing that there is more to come and I, for one, cannot wait.
Quill says: As readers we always hear of legends such as Robin Hood or Mulan, or even Zorro - figures that come from fictional stories who exemplify what a hero should be. To the reader, they are hope for the future and I think that Ourman: Book 1 gives us just such a hero.

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