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#BookReview of Inassea Chronicles: The Blighted Flame by P.A. Pena

Inassea Chronicles: The Blighted Flame

By: P.A. Peña
Publisher: P.A. Peña Publishing
Publication Date: July 12, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-736908501
Reviewed by: Katie Specht
Review Date: March 28, 2023
From science fiction and fantasy author P.A. Peña comes the first installment in the Inassea Chronicles entitled The Blighted Flame. After a witch destroys his family, our protagonist Virgil Truesdale embarks on a quest for revenge. The Blighted Flame is the story of Virgil’s journey to claim his vengeance.
Virgil Truesdale belongs to an elite, well-known hunter family; yet, sadly, tragedy destroyed his family years ago, leaving Virgil broken and focused on one thing: revenge. A powerful witch named Cecelia tore his family apart, and to this day, Virgil does not know if his brother is dead or alive. He has been on the hunt for Cecelia in order to get his revenge ever since. On his travels, he comes across a member of the Alliance named Orlando who convinces him to take the Crusader’s Exam. The Crusader’s Exam is an intense test that will push his limits and force him to engage in battle against the strongest of adversaries. If Virgil were to pass the exam, he would join the prestigious Crusader’s Alliance and gain access to immense resources, which would greatly benefit him on his hunt for Cecelia.
The Crusader’s Exam is every bit as dangerous as Virgil anticipated, but he thrusts himself in headfirst, determined to make it to the end so he can join the elite ranks of the Crusaders. Along the way, although he tries to keep to himself, he finds himself making formidable enemies as well as forming a strong bond with a brother and sister, who end up becoming helpful allies. The battle that ensues at the completion of the exam is nothing short of epic, with several key players making their appearances. Virgil and his allies fight alongside each other to the bitter end, facing the toughest adversaries they have battled yet in the exam. This battle will ultimately determine if Virgil will pass the exam and be invited to join the Crusader’s Alliance, thus bringing him that much closer to his ultimate goal of finding Cecelia.
Peña has crafted a masterpiece with his fantasy thriller The Blighted Flame. From the beginning, he takes the reader on a wild ride, not wasting any time getting the action started. The story is fast-paced from the first page until the last page is turned. The epic conclusion is jam-packed with countless surprises, shocking twists and astounding events that the reader will never see coming.
The author has also achieved what is often challenging for many authors. In a story with a large cast of characters, he takes great care to meticulously develop each one so that they are all unique and bring their own distinctive set of skills and personalities to complement the narrative. None of the characters seem unnecessary or superfluous; they all offer something beneficial to the plot of the story.
It is also worth noting that the fantasy world that Peña has created is superbly described, allowing the reader to become fully immersed in the world while reading. Often, the worlds in fantasy novels leave much to the reader’s own imagination, but Peña does a brilliant job of explicitly portraying the setting for the thrilling story to take place.
Quill says: The Blighted Flame is a fantastic adventure of epic proportions. Peña has crafted a gripping tale of revenge, friendship, love, and war, all set in an amazing fantasy world.
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