Sunday, November 23, 2014

Books In For Review

Here's this week's look at some of the books that have come in for review.  Check them out!

Double Cover: A Warren Kingsley Mystery by Sherban Young Corporate tycoon Thomas Redding is dead, murdered by way of antique golf club during his firm's company retreat. His bodyguard, Warren Kingsley, is certain the killer is gunning for him now. With a list of suspects as long as a corporate tax return, and a small town sheriff well over his head in the investigation, Warren knows he has only one option to keep from ending up like his late client: hire his own bodyguard. Together the pair will sift through the evidence - dodging femme fatales, murderous impostors and motivational speakers - eventually uncovering a devious killer; not to mention stumbling on the recipe for the perfect bowl of chowder.  

Love, Regret and Accidental Nudity: My True Stories, Unusual Circumstances, Unpredictable Outcomes by Mariana Williams Why do I suppose my life is fascinating enough to write about? Love? Hmm, between my mom, dad and myself, we’ve racked up thirteen marriages—if not romantic, certainly optimistic. Regret? Well, if embarrassing, eye-squinting, throat closing, breathless, cringing describes it…I’ve got a few tales to tell, like budget plastic surgery and herding roaches at a party. Accidental nudity? My nudity is about as spontaneous as a space shuttle launch—even so, there’s still the unexpected.

Christmas Desserts by Laura Powell Sweeten up your holidays with Christmas Desserts! With this delicious collection of 20 seasonal recipes, you'll enjoy treats like Gingerbread Cheesecake Squares, Chewy Popcorn Balls, Eggnog Cookies, and more! Not only does this affordable, full-color pamphlet make the perfect gift for neighbors, coworkers, and friends, but these festively flavored recipes will soon become family favorites.

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