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Book Review - Will Shakespeare and the Ships of Solomon

Will Shakespeare and the Ships of Solomon

By: Christopher Grey
Illustrated By: Pacific Coast Creative Publishing
Publisher: Basilicus Press
Publication Date: February 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9839641-9-3
Reviewed By: Kristi Benedict
Review Date: January 26, 2014

Will Shakespeare knew when he was accepted into the Knights of the Templar that danger could be lurking around every corner but he faced that danger head on and became a dedicated soldier of the secret group. However, nothing could prepare him for the betrayal he faces as men he trusted with his whole being murder all of the masters and commanders who Will had come to respect and look up to.

Will is now the only one left alive and is charged with a most sacred mission, to protect Dorothy Wilkinson no matter what it costs. This task is not an easy one as there are enemies lurking everywhere from other secret brotherhoods that are on their own missions, to back stabbing traitors who can’t see past their own greed. Even without knowing the full extent of why this woman is so important, Will decides he will carry out this mission even at the cost of his life, for everything he has trained for, and believes in, is at stake. Before he knows it, Will realizes that his objective is not only to protect Dorothy but to protect the Holy Grail itself!

It was not uncommon for Dorothy Wilkinson to be sent on business trips to represent her father but it was still surprising that he would send her on an international trip, even if he was becoming ill. Pushing her fears aside, Dorothy does her best to deal with the group of men gathered in a cathedral, of all places, as they ask questions about her father’s property in Bermuda. With every passing moment Dorothy continues to fear that this deal may be something she wants nothing to do with and her fears are justified when gunfire suddenly breaks out and the men she was just talking to fall dead right beside her. Trying desperately not to panic, Dorothy suddenly finds herself fleeing with a man named Will who she hardly knows. At the same time, she can’t help but realize that he is probably her only ally and hope for survival. As Will reveals to her about the Knights of the Templar and the importance of her safety she can’t help but be skeptical, as she has seen nothing but danger since Will dragged her from the cathedral. With each passing danger however, she comes to realize that Will is not in this for greed or personal gain, he is here to protect her and against all odds they become a team with a common purpose, find and protect the Holy Grail.

This is an absolute thrill ride of a book and I enjoyed every page of it! After starting the first chapter I put everything else on hold to finish it and read it in one sitting. The action starts almost instantly as Will and Dorothy are plunged into a dangerous mission that neither one of them completely understands, but they are forced to depend on each other to stay alive. Both characters are brilliant and it was not long before I was completely engaged in their situation. I immensely enjoyed seeing both points of view from each of their eyes as that gave the story a relatable quality. At first I was not sure if this book would hold my attention as I could tell it had elements of history in it and I was hoping I wouldn’t be bombarded with facts and dates. With immense pleasure I realized from the very beginning that this was going to be a thrilling story that brought history to life in a way I have not experienced before. I commend Christopher Grey for combining history with a truly engaging and extremely intriguing story. Not only was I learning facts I had never heard of before but I was caught up in the breathtaking story of impossible missions, hidden treasures, daring escapes, and non-stop action that can only come from an amazing book!

Quill says: This is a wonderfully exciting roller coaster ride of a book, and will have you hanging onto your seat until the end.

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