Thursday, January 9, 2014

Book Review - Mission 2: Supersonic (Max Flash)

Mission 2: Supersonic (Max Flash)

By: Jonny Zucker
Publisher: Darby Creek Publishing
Publication Date: August 2013
ISBN: 978-1467712088
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: December 2013

The Flash family wasn’t your ordinary family, but Max never knew that until recently. There was a secret room in their basement he’d never even known about. How could he have lived in a place all his life and not known about it? There was an amazing “techno pod” in their very own house and when his parents introduced him to Zavonne, a DFEA agent, Max was some impressed. His parents were actually covert agents for the Department of Extraordinary Ability. “The DFEA needs your help,” Zavonne had said to him. Max went on a solo secret mission to keep the Virtual world from destroying the “real” world and now was going on yet another mission.

Max was perfect for the DFEA missions because of his “stage-magic abilities” and the fact that he was “remarkably double-jointed.” The fact that he was smart and cool-headed in freaky situations didn’t hurt either. Apparently the Zockrans were suffering from all the pollution engulfing them coming up from earth. They were able to receive energy from humans from a Re-Energizing Pod. They protected the human race from the Guzzlets who had “plans for total intergalactic domination.” In other words, they were going to destroy the Earth if Max couldn’t defeat them.

It was going to be a tricky mission because, as Zavonne claimed, “You must leave the pod when those two minutes are up.” Max had a few weapons to use in extreme circumstances and this sounded like a mission that would use all of them plus some. A Direct Passage Pulverizer, a Zing-Board, and a Net Can were his weapons. Max was soon blasted into outer space, but it wasn’t long before he encountered a “silver-and-purple craft” intent on attack. Ninth, the weakened Zockran knew just who they were. “They are our attackers. They have kidnapped the DFEA Unit!” Max’s first mission wasn’t easy, but this one was way out there. Would he be able to save the Zockrans so they could save the Earth?

Max Flash is an x-tremely cool, exciting young DFEA agent to watch out for. Readers will suspend their disbelief and believe in the magical powers young Max has as he soars off into the Hedra galaxy to find and stop the Guzzlets before they attack Earth. The tale is as action-packed as it can get with threatening situations and very unusual alien creatures at every turn. The Max Flash series is a new one and no doubt will be a popular one. Max is very likeable and when he left our world to do battle, the tale took off into a fun, exciting adventure. Reluctant and young scifi fans will definitely love this fast-paced series!

Quill says: If you have a young scifi fan who is also into gaming, this is a series that is sure to please!

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