Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Book Review - Duffy's World

Duffy’s World: Seeing the World Through a Dog’s Eyes

By: Faith McCune
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication Date: December 2013
ISBN: 978-1-61448-719-7
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: January 2014

Your canine is your friend, companion, perhaps even a long lost soul that you swear you’ve met in another life. The reason for these honorable traits comes from the fact that dogs are the most honorable and loyal of animals out there, and they give to their owners/friends times of laughter, magic, and even help change our points of view with their non-judgmental attitudes. (Okay...they may judge a cat or two, but those felines can be seriously mean).

A reader falls in love with Duffy in this unique and heartfelt memoir, from the first page. In fact, the story of finding Duffy and how he learned the basics of life, from potty training to cuddling, reminds a dog lover of their first experience when they saw their ‘favorite friend’ who had a way of changing their lives for the better.

Told mostly from Duffy’s point of view, the stories in this book are truly sweet and captivating. Seeing the world through a dog’s eyes can open our own in a big way. Even though we are talking about kind and funny tales...Duffy truly shows us what it’s like to not judge, not yell and scream, and not constantly have to wear down or put down others in order to make oneself feel better.

The homecoming, the first bath, learning to live with the parents who will treat you as a privilege and not a chore - Duffy experiences all these things. He experiences his chew toy, Girl Scout cookies, the love of grandmothers, and meets new friends while also adventuring into day care.

The most difficult part of the journey, of course, is when that feeling comes upon him; a body that is not feeling well combined with a mind that has an idea that age eventually comes upon us all. There is always the day when time stops passing and just...stops, and this is something none of us - not even a magical companion who has more sense and intelligence than most humans will ever know - can stop.

Included in this story are tips for better dog care, from leash training to the right foods to good veterinary care all dogs need throughout life. But, in the end, the best lessons we learn from Duffy are the fact that we should enjoy life to the absolute fullest, make each moment count, and make sure we constantly honor, respect and love the people - and canines - who love us.

Quill says: Humorous, kind, sweet - readers will find it an absolute privilege to meet Duffy!

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