Friday, June 1, 2012

Book Review - Cast On, Kill Off

Cast On, Kill Off: A Knitting Mystery

By: Maggie Sefton
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: June 2012
ISBN: 978-0425247594
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: June 1, 2012

Wedding bells would soon be ringing, but not for Kelly Flynn. Everyone was lamenting the fact that she and Steve Townsend had had a rather “sudden and dramatic breakup” the year before and they were anxious for them to get back together. Kelly was rather tentative and didn’t quite know what to think, let alone do. It would soon be Megan and Marty’s big day and everyone in “The Gang” was preparing for it. Kelly, Lisa, and Jennifer were Megan’s bridesmaids and their gowns had that wow factor they all wanted. Meagan’s sister, Janet, was the matron of honor, but she unexpectedly had a little problem. Megan was going to have to ask Zoe to alter her yesterday.

When Zoe Yeager was giving Kelly’s hem a final once-over, she was startled to notice some bruising on her face. Alarmed when asked about it, Zoe simply made a lame excuse. It was no secret that the lame excuse was Oscar, her drunken sot of a husband. Megan urged Kelly to let it go, but it wouldn’t be far from her mind...and neither would her memories of Steve. All the bridesmaids were knitting wedding shawls and in between number crunching for her accounts, she was going to be counting stitches. Mother Mimi, the owner of Lambspun, a knitting and fiber shop, was just the sort of company Kelly was up for.

The shop was a veritable gossip mill and soon it began to churn. Leann rushed into the shop after checking out a copy of Bridal Fashions, claiming that “Zoe was one of the winners in the wedding gown category...with my gown!” Groundless accusations were one thing, but it did look like Leann’s creation. An “exact replica” if Kelly’s eyes weren’t deceiving her. There wouldn’t be time to confront Zoe because she was heading to a women’s shelter. Unfortunately, she never did make it out of the Presbyterian church’s parking lot. She’d been shot “right in the middle of the forehead.” Detective Morrisson would be on the case, but Burt Parker and Kelly wouldn’t be far behind him. Little things were adding up and they soon discovered someone was lying, but who was it? Was that someone in the wedding party?

Kelly Flynn, an indomitable sleuth, is once again ready to unearth the secret to Zoe’s mysterious death. One thing I’ve noticed, and love about this series, is as soon as I opened up the book it was as if I sat down to revisit an old friend. Kelly is undoubtedly one of the most well-rounded, strongest protagonists to hit the scene in many years. Steve may be a “chick magnet,” but Kelly sure does attract anyone who is into chick lit cozy-style mysteries. She quietly goes about unearthing bits of information and, along with Burt, puts the pieces together to solve the the latest Fort Connor murderous conundrum. If you like a little romance with your murder, you’ll be hooked on Kelly Flynn!

Quill says: Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of java, and get ready to visit with Kelly, Steve, the Gang, and try to figure out whodunit in the latest "Knitting Mystery!"

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