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Interview with Author Kimberley Smith

Today we're talking with Dr. Kimberley Smith, author of Knowing: A Spiritual Medium's Work with the Dead and the Living

FQ: Do you have a particular interest in Greek, Roman and/or Ancient History?

Yes, I do. I am interested in all ancient cultures and their history. Each culture has its own unique story to tell about the “Gods’ as they understood them.”

FQ: Psychics and the wisdom of spiritual people was once held in very high regard. How do you, in this day and age, deal with the naysayers out there who see this particular ‘world’ as nothing more than a creative way to receive money?

It is very discouraging to deal with the multitude of naysayers, or “unenlightened ones” as I refer to them on a daily basis. However, our world is full of negativity, and it is part of my personal journey to learn to cope with them by ignoring their arrogance and ignorance. It is my hope and prayer that the work that I continue to do will someday be realized again as truth by the masses. Nothing stays the same forever, and there is no chance for continued advancement of our race if we stay stuck in the past. Our true past holds the key to our liberation and a path that leads away from inequality and prejudices within our own societies. The truth of our past, our origins, must come to light and be embraced for us to realize our innate essence and greatness.

FQ: As a person who lives in Roswell, NM, there have already been many ‘outings’ regarding the fact that aliens are very real, as U.S. government officials retire and come here to speak about what they saw. Can I assume you believe that there is other life - other souls besides the ones here? And that, ‘God,’ or whatever name you wish to use, also created those beings?

The truth about aliens is already known by the United States Government and has been kept secret from us over the last 40 years because they believe that if we are told the truth about aliens and our origins it will shatter the very fabric of our civilization. They believe that we are not emotionally prepared to accept these facts. In the future I hope that my books will be seen as preparation manuals to the masses. What we referred to in ancient times as the “Gods” were flesh and blood beings sent down to earth, ET’s. In fact, I believe that “Jesus of Nazareth”, was a messenger to the human race sent down from the heavens, (space) to teach us how to live and to behave. Each culture had a different name for him. He has been reincarnated many times over during the history of the human race to teach and guide us. There are many other forms of life in the Universe, “our way of being is not the only way” we are the children of some of the most highly advanced cultures of beings within the universes. The discovery of multiple universes is on the horizon and with it more discoveries about other life. The most difficult facts for us to accept in knowing our true origins lay in our long held religious beliefs. It is a dilemma of monumental proportions, a problem we created ourselves, and one we must overcome to continue on.

FQ: Many scientists, doctors, etc. have said that there is an extremely huge amount of psychic power in teenage girls. I saw that you spoke about your beginnings and the nightmares you had as a child, etc. and the horrific health issues you went through - Did people always just refer to your gifts as ADD, ADHD - a label - so they would not have to deal with the truth?

In my experience, my gifts were either kept secret by family members, or they did not know. If this information had been shared with school officials or medical personnel, I would have probably been institutionalized. As it was, I was given Valium as a way to control me. ADD and ADHD labels came much later on. I am in my fifties now. Back then they called children like me “special” I was put in special classes that amounted to doing nothing but sitting in a class room with other “problem children” that school officials did not know how to deal with. I was treated as dumb, an outcast from the rest of the children. The fact that I had a crossed eye only added to the stigmatism I carried. They couldn’t deal with the truth because they didn’t know what the truth was, much like the rest of us.

FQ: Do you believe, if you had to pick just one thing, that fear is what stops us from using that side of our brain that we all have? Or, is it simply society telling us it’s not real and we conform?

Fear is the root of all evil. You are right in every way here. The leaders of our society have been lying to us since the beginnings of our origins; slaves have no choice but to conform. Yes, there has been a rebellion in our races history however, that road has only lead to more lies and slavery. Until we take the information that has been left for us to discover our true origins and stand up to our leadership with these facts, we will continue to manifest slavery within our human race. “A man, who is denied the truth, will never know truth. As the clich├ęs go “The truth will set us free and Truth is Stanger than fiction” applies here. We are not afraid; it is our leadership that is afraid, there is a lot of money at stake, our culture is based on the material. Fear begets more fear, so we perpetuate the big lie. If we take a gift and squash it, it seizes to exist. For many this is the case. Fortunately, some gifts are still strong in us and that is a blessing that is yet to be realized. We are the culmination of a magnificent race of people combined with our own prehistoric DNA, know it, and embrace it.

FQ: One of your chapters is Spirit, Soul, Body - most say it as "Mind, Body and Soul." Does the mind - truly - hurt or help when it comes to the acceptance of things unknown?

We can only accept that a thing is unknown. We can’t truly accept something unless we really know and understand it. Our minds are magnificent machines. When our minds are used for good, miraculous things happen but, when they are used in a negative way deterioration occurs almost instantaneously. Have you ever noticed that the “unknown” in our culture seems to always refer to something bad or negative? No matter how you configure these three words the question is really about perception and learned belief systems. Our society is based on a perception of ourselves that is incorrect; our belief systems are flawed because of these fallacies. The mind learns fear as well; we are right now a race of beings whose identity is a byproduct of fear.

FQ: I love the point that you do not have to die to lose your soul - that there are many walking this earth who are completely and utterly lost souls. Is there anything that can be done for them? Or, is it the restoration of faith that we need to see us through? If that’s the case, do you believe people will find a way to regain their faith living in 2012?

2012 and the coming years that follow are known as the age of Pisces, to understand Pisces, we must tap into our subconscious. We may often feel pulled in opposite directions. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is often associated to endings, in this case we will see an ending of a time. There will be a death of one point in time and a re-visitation with another that will feel new to us. We will someday come to realize that history repeats itself in our worlds’ reality. To answer your’ question the lost souls walking this earth are on their own journey one that they have chosen and it is best for us to let them find their own way. They may or may not be offered help, or be able to recognize it if and when it comes. There is an endless cycle of re-incarnations and ample opportunity to learn in our next lives what we did not in this life time. We can’t restore or regain our faith without first knowing who and what we are. The whole concept of “faith” will begin to change as we learn more about who we really are. 2012, is the dawning of a new age for human’s we will begin to see ourselves, our world and our universe in a different way for the first time. The symbols of the fish can also be seen as the followers of Christ, or of the One. It beckons enlightenment and yearns for understanding. Pisces is about higher purpose. People will begin to understand their true purpose as human beings starting in the year 2012. We will see and begin to feel attunement to humanity and ourselves. The intuition of Pisces will begin to reveal itself to us in 2012. More of us will see for the first time the gift of insight within ourselves. People will find not faith, but truth starting in 2012. The realities of our world may seem frightening or harsh to some but, we are up to the task.

FQ: On a slightly personal note, you didn’t exactly mention bilocation in your novel, yet I am a firm proponent of that skill and truth. Do you have any feelings on that matter?

I am glad you asked this question! Bilocation is a phenomenon that is both scientific and spiritual at its core. I plan to address this more in future books. I do suggest it in this book without calling it by its scientific name. There will come a time when we will all have the psychophysical technology and mindset to bend and manipulate our current reality and visit other dimensions, our double will move into this reality while we stay in our current location. Right now there are many individuals that can do this. I am talking about a time coming in the not so distant future when we can manipulate time, dimension and our current reality as easy as getting into a car and starting it up, or something a lot like the movie “The Matrix.” Right now Japanese scientist are working on and perfecting a cloak of invisibility which will become a military lethal weapon. It is in the year 2012 and the next 30 years that follow that we will see remarkable and other worldly kinds of technology speeding into and changing life as we’ve known it.

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