Thursday, May 31, 2012

Interview with Author Erin Sankey

Today we're talking with Erin Sankey, author of NaLee

FQ: I have to begin with where you came up with this particular story? Readers will note in the beginning of the book that you say “how I remember it in my mind’s eye.” Was this, perhaps, based on a dream? Or, was there a “real life” island that you were thinking of when writing?

I have always been a fan of mermaids, and I was always looking for a book like the one I wrote. I figured since no one else has written any thing like this, why can't I? I don't want to give to much of this trilogy away, but it told in the perspective of a grandpa telling his grandkids this story that takes place in the future and will be revealed in the 3rd book as to who it is.

FQ: YA has become the largest and bestselling genre since Mr. Potter began waving his wand and Bella & Edward fell in love. Are you a YA writer exclusively? Or, do you write adult fiction, as well?

I am thinking about being both since I have many stories that will please both young adults and adults alike, this is just the first to come in many more books that I want to write.

FQ: The YA world is SO filled with vampires and werewolves...are you a mermaid fan, specifically?

No, I love the mysterious vampire and all the traits he beholds, but I also have room in my story telling for many new mythological creatures that I feel need to be brought out and enjoyed by readers.

FQ: NaLee is a trilogy, so I was wondering if you could tell fans when Book II will arrive, the title, and perhaps any specifics about where NaLee is headed?

Book 2 is already out it is call Fire and Ice. I am still revising book 3 it will be out when these books take off and I have more fans begging for last book in the series.

FQ: I, myself, am a cover art fan - as are a great many readers. Did you design the cover yourself?

Yes I had the idea for the cover and I went to a local artist here in Chicago and had him design it for me.

FQ: Are there plans to perhaps focus on the legends of the sea such as Poseidon, etc.?

No, this book takes a whole other twist that brings a powerful message of saving the earth's oceans and all it beauty it gives us.

FQ: You seem to truly identify with NaLee. Readers always like to know if the characters an author “obviously” loves so dearly have more than a bit of themselves written in. Would this be true of your book? Because NaLee certainly captures the heart.

Yes, I picture myself to be her, to find such a wonderful island and way of life like I have written about in the book.

FQ: Do you have a favorite series? Or, a favorite fantasy novel that encourages you to write?

To be quite honest with you I do not read all that often. I tell stories more than I read, and I thought that I would share some of my talent and see what the readers of the world think.

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