Tuesday, February 21, 2012


A friend just shared an email he received from Amazon customer service.  Now, I know they outsource to India but really, could they at least get people who understand English?  His email read, in part (names, acct. #s removed to protect the innocent):

When researched the account, I see two accounts, with the name xxx (Seller ID: xxx) and xxx (Seller ID: xxx), out of which the one with the Seller ID: xxx is closed. 

Please let us know as to which account you want to close so that we can go ahead and do the needful.


While you can't see it because I've xxx'd out the names/account numbers, this agent referenced THREE account numbers for the two accounts, both of which are still open, not closed, as the agent seems to imply.  I'm not just confused by his language, but also his account math.  Geesh.

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