Thursday, February 2, 2012

Amazon and B&N Duke It Out

If you've been following the slow, or not so slow, takeover by Amazon of the publishing world, then you already know that Amazon is now a "publisher," with several genres covered under its imprint AmazonEncore.  While they can sell books published under their imprint on their site, they've discovered that distribution through traditional channels has been a challenge.  It seems that, gee, book stores that have closed at an alarming rate in large part because of Amazon, don't want to carry their books (with a few exceptions here and there).  Now Barnes&Noble has announced that they, too, won't be carrying these books.  I say, "good for your B&N!"  Some people seem surprised and think this is a bad decision, but I say it's good.  We need at least one competitor to Amazon, one that can hold their own.  Amazon has held the advantage for too long and has been pushing too many people/companies around.  While I'm not sure if B&N will survive (see tomorrow's post on their blunders), I am hopeful.

Oh, and did you hear that Arizona has just filed a "10-k" tax report requesting that Amazon pay $53 million in back taxes?  Add this to the Texas battle for sales tax. There have been several such as Amazon vs. New York in which, the judge decided in NY's favor.  Meanwhile, other states are so eager for Amazon's business, that when Amazon announces plans to build a huge warehouse in their state, the legislators agree to terms not to charge sales tax.  Really?  And how is that fair to other businesses???

It will be interesting to see how this all pans out.  Glad I'm watching for the sidelines!  What's your opinion?

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