Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reviewer's Tip - How NOT to Impress Reviewers, Part 4

In our continuing "How Not to Impress Reviewers" tips, here are some more suggestions from another of Feathered Quill's reviewers.

What I hate - and it's not only coming from self-published books - I recently bought a Vince Flynn and a Clive Custler with this problem - there were SO many spelling and punctuation errors.  I think editors must have been fired lately.  It completely kills the reading experience for me.
Also, I know there are a lot of classes out there that tell writers to please be descriptive but some authors get carried away.  I read a book recently that used three pages to describe furniture in a room.  (And it wasn't a ghost story or a treasure hunt where you NEED to know what the room looks like.  It went on and on and on.)  Description is fine, but editing, again, would help.
One more - sometimes I think people use their synonym tab on Word or have a dictionary next to them because they'll say in one sentence - interesting, compelling, beguiling, etc.  Pick just one or two.
I hope this helps.
**By the way, I totally agree with imitations.  I know about Twilight but PLEASE stop with the vampires already...

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