Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Finds

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The Story of Moses From surviving the wilds of the Texas Hill Country to a devastating battle with cancer, this is the story of Moses -- a beautiful, big, white dog who, from all indications, began his life as a livestock guard dog on a ranch in Texas (as do many dogs of his breed, the Great Pyrenees). Moses was taken in by a pet rescue group after having wandered onto a ranch in central Texas...homeless. After a few short months in foster care, Moses found his forever family and the road to immortality through their love and devotion. But, Moses' story is much, much more. It is the story of joy and hope and sorrow. It is the story of the wonderful dogs that came before, opening the door for Moses to walk through. It is the story of those left to remember and cherish. It is the story of survival in the midst of great loss-- of loving again, sheltering again, and living in the moment. It is knowing that, however painful, love remains and is the ultimate blessing.

Confessions of a Househusband is a comic account of the struggles, insecurities, and joys of being a stay at home father. It's the story of a man trying to maintain his masculinity while carrying a pink diaper bag over one shoulder, and staying sane after having watched his two hundredth episode of Barney. It asks the questions, When can a stay at home father have his first drink? Is SportCenter considered educational television? And most importantly, can a wife respect a man who makes no money, wears flip flops all day, and smells like Lemon Pledge?

The Absent Embrace is a shocking account of adolescent neglect, and yet, perseverance. At the impressionable age of twelve, Braedon Kuts was introduced to drugs by her mother, who tormented the household with her tyrannical outbursts, leaving Braedon relieved in the shadow of her neglect. She refused to buy food because "the pig" would eat it, Braedon's older brother Chancy, who brushed the face of death when starvation nearly claimed his life. Fighting sickness and hunger, Braedon resiliently trudged onward to survive. Her descent into an unsupervised life meant illiteracy, then deeper into drug addiction and delinquency. Ultimately, she finds solace and a certain measure of adult influence from an eclectic group of drifters who gather at a local coffee shop. Confused by push-pull emotions, she struggles with the desperate need to feel her mother's love, yet terrified of being verbally abused. In a voice far wiser than her years, Braedon recounts her story not to induce sympathy or amass pity, but instead to spread understanding and hope. Despite others' attempts to help her, Braedon broke free from her mother in her own way, in her own time. With this first book, Braedon relentlessly pedals the reader to every corner of her heart and mind-both the bruised and the untouched. This sobering story will awaken you to the privilege of every day conveniences, the corruption of drugs and an unforgettable spirit-a matchless account of resilience and bravery that you won't forget.

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