Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reviewer's Tip - How NOT to Impress Reviewers, Part 3

More great suggestions from Feathered Quill's reviewers on what NOT to do...

  • Overly small or large print is not appreciated.  I don't care to have to get out a print magnifier nor do I want print size that I would see in a primer.
  • If you ask me to review your book I fully expect to see it in my mailbox within a couple of weeks.  If it is on back order and sent six months later I will not be able to review it until all my other current reviewing commitments are completed.  Likewise for unsolicited manuscripts, which are not much more appreciated than junk mail.
  • Please do not expect me to read an ebook or PDF file sitting at my computer.  If you are a close friend I might consider it, but you need to appreciate the fact that it is physically difficult and extremely hard on the eyes.  I can't do your book justice if I'm sitting there resenting an intrusion on my comfort level.
  • Dropping me an email every two days asking where the review is can be counterproductive.  I haven't forgotten you, but I also haven't forgotten that I have a job and a family that need my attention as well.  For many reviewing is a hobby.  Yes, I have your book, but I might also have the flu.
  • Your cover artwork is important.  Many reviewers hesitate to even accept a book when they see a cover that looks like a Kindergartner created it for their fridge.  Please, if you can afford to have your book printed, try to find a good artist.  There are many of them who would love to have their artwork on the cover of a book.  Shop around, there are many good ones out there.  You can't judge a book by its cover, but many people do.
  • If you approach me in an email, please be polite.  It is offensive if your subject line says:  Review My Book!  I also have a name and I'm more inclined to answer you if you've gone that extra mile and figured out what it is.
  • Speaking of manners, once I've spent hours reading your book, kindly write and thank me.  A good reviewer does not skim, but rather pays close attention to your work of art.  Pay close attention to your manners and acknowledge that I went an extra mile for you, a total stranger. 

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  1. Thanks for the great post! I review a lot of books and most of the authors I have worked with are great about these things, but sometimes you just feel like you have been more of a bother than a help to them. Definitely not the way you should feel after you have featured their book on your blog:) Thanks!