Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Website Offers Innovative Book E-Catalog

First Chapter Plus, just launched online, allows authors to list their books with first chapter previews for readers, and it provides an e-catalog so bookstores, librarians, reviewers, and bloggers can make educated and easy book-buying decisions.

Austin, TX —First Chapter Plus replaces paper book catalogs with quick and easy ordering information and full chapter previews beyond what any paper catalog could ever do. Its new e-catalog is what the twenty-first century publishing world has long needed.

First Chapter Plus is on a mission to tell libraries, independent bookstores, the media, readers, other writers, bloggers, and reviewers about the latest and greatest books just published or about to be published. Through its easy to use website and its free monthly e-catalog, First Chapter Plus provides listings of new books, their first chapters to preview, and direct links to Amazon so readers can immediately order the books they are confident they will enjoy.

Irene Watson, creator of First Chapter Plus, says of the site’s origins, “We polled, studied, asked, investigated...and then we thought about the responses before we moved forward. We are filling a need of librarians and bookstore owners! Yes, they want this e-catalog—they’ve told us so through our opt-in campaign. And, they are super-excited about being able to read the First Chapter of so many new books.”

That excitement is backed up with facts. Already, the statistics of subscribers to First Chapter Plus’ e-catalog are astonishingly impressive:

• 20,000 + public librarians in the United States

• 3,300 + independent bookstores in the United States

• 300 + media columnists and editors in the United States

• 11,000 + readers, writers, and bloggers worldwide

The numbers make clear that First Chapter Plus has hit upon a need it is ready to fulfill.

Just since its website launch on April 1, 2010, First Chapter Plus has been inundated with requests by authors to be listed. Frena Gray-Davidson, author of “Alzheimer’s 911,” is thrilled with the results: “My Amazon listing number has gone from about 250,000 to 66,000, which is the best I’ve ever had on Amazon so far, and this has only happened in the last few days, so clearly people are buying my book from your listing. Thank you so much.”

About First Chapter Plus

First Chapter Plus is the latest innovative idea of Irene Watson, author, literary agent, and owner of Reader Views, a book review service based in Austin, TX. Reader Views has been reviewing books and offering author publicity services since 2006. Because of her central role in the book world, Watson has listened to authors, reviewers, bloggers, publishers, bookstore owners, and librarians continually express what they need—a fast, easy, yet sophisticated and technologically cutting-edge means to promote and/or order books. The early success of First Chapter Plus suggests that Watson’s website and e-catalog concept is her most ingenious to date.

To list books at First Chapter Plus or to sign up for the free monthly e-catalog, visit

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