Monday, April 26, 2010

Reviewer's Tip - Don't Do This!

Here's another tip from the "Don't Do This" pile - and yes, this was something that was actually done.  When preparing your book's back cover, don't write - "For review, see" if you haven't already received a review from Joe Smith Book Reviews!!! It's common practice to put a review quote on the back cover that was received prior to the book's publication (and a great idea).  But to print a review site's url on the back cover, not knowing what kind of review the book will get (assuming it will even get a review) is a bad idea.  In the case we recently had, the book in question had serious editorial problems and we were unable to give a positive review.  The author should never have listed our site, or any site for that matter, on her back cover prior to getting the review.

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