Monday, March 8, 2010

Leads From Linda - Greer Memorial Library

Greer Memorial Library
PO Box 144
74 A County Road 1120/Main Street
Greer, AZ 85927
Phone: (928) 735-7710
FAX: Same as above

We took our family skiing this past weekend in charming, snow-covered Greer, AZ. I stayed in the cabin by the cozy fireplace and read a new manuscript while my family skied. I kept the fire going as I read my way through "Perfectly Amanda." I was the envy of every Amanda Blake fan. After all, I was getting the first glimpse of her remarkable life story. ( If you were not an Amada Blake fan before you read "Perfectly Amanda," you will be after it.

Greer also has a quaint library that was located across the street from our rented cabin. I am going to donate a few books to Greer Memorial Library and you might want to do the same. Tell the librarian that Linda Radke of Five Star Publications sent ya. I told her I would. :-)

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