Friday, March 5, 2010

New Events Coming To Feathered Quill!

Feathered Quill is pleased to announce two weekly events that will be both a fun treat for our regular readers, and will assist authors in promoting their books.

Starting March 12th, FQ will be partnering with one of our reviewers, Lynette Latzko, from DelGal's Book Reviews to participate in "Teaser Tuesdays" and "Friday Finds," which is hosted by Miz B from the Should Be Reading blog.

But what does this mean to readers and authors? Great question!

Every Friday FQ will feature a few books right here on this blog that are currently in the review process. Readers can quickly get a synopsis through Amazon, and can add it to their ever increasing To Be Read list, while authors will get their much needed exposure time of their book. Then, on the following Tuesday, those same books will be listed once again, but this time a two sentence "teaser" will be randomly chosen from the book and will be included in the post, hopefully to entice even more readers.

So come join us for a twice weekly dose of fun, find new books or get your book promoted! See you next week.

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