Thursday, January 28, 2010

10 Tips for Successful Book Store Events

Here's a great article for running a successful signing.  The article was written by Carol White (thanks, Carol!)  Check out her bio below this article and be sure to visit her website for more great tips.

10 Tips for Successful Book Store Events

Here are the 10 things that any author should REQUIRE of a book store when booking an event - if you don’t get these things, it will be a waste of time.

1) Stock books a month prior to the event and display prominently with a sign announcing the event

2) Have signs at the cash register about the event with fliers for patrons to take with them (better if they stuff them into every purchase bag)

3) Have the event and information about it on their website 1-3 months in advance

4) Talk it up in their newsletter at least one month in advance

5) Post it to appropriate "calendars" in local newspapers and other media

6) Send media announcements (PR) about event (author should send to their media list also) - written by either the author or the store

7) Author should attempt to get booked on local radio or TV within a day or so of the event

8) Author needs to post event on their website with a link to book store website 1-3 months in advance

9) Author and book store should utilize any local blogs or websites that will promote the event.

10) Author needs to post to Twitter, Linked In groups, FB and other appropriate social media several times in the week prior to the event.

Here is an article about one of my most successful events - in tiny, little Spokane, WA:

Here’s to more great events that make independent publishers look great!
"If it is to be, it is up to me."

Carol's bio: Carol White is an author, publisher, speaker, and book marketing coach. In addition to co-authoring the best selling, award-winning book, Live Your Road Trip Dream (RLI Press, 2004, Second Edition 2008,, Carol is a frequent guest speaker at conventions such as the national AARP Life @ 50+ and The Great North American RV Rally. In 2007, Carol completed the rigorous National Speaker’s Association (NSA) yearlong education program.

And most importantly, her website where you'll find lots of great info.


  1. After doing 300 signings, I feel it's safe to say those are all great requirements - just wish all the bookstores complied!

  2. Agreed. Some of them (bookstores) are so disorganized!