Tuesday, January 26, 2010

10 Free Twitter Applications for Business Owners

10 Free Twitter Applications for Business Owners

2009 was a great year for Twitter as Twitter continued its growth throughout the year and grew at a whopping rate of more than 1000%. According to a report from web analytics firm Compete, the site is getting around 23 million unique hits from the US each month. The enormous amount of traffic Twitter is getting each month has made this Web2.0 site a lucrative platform for marketing where small business owners can promote their products amongst their target audience. If you are already using Twitter or intending to use it then here are the best free twitter applications for you which will help you promote your business on Twitter in a more effective way.

CoTweet – CoTweet, as the name suggests, is a great tool to manage corporate accounts on Twitter. This Twitter application allows you to manage multiple accounts at the same time and to invite your colleagues to work as a team on the company's twitter account. Another unique feature of CoTweet is tweet assignment where you can assign your tweets to your colleagues for follow-up. In addition, CoTweet provides you with many other useful features like tweet scheduling, click tracking and conversation threading.

Splitweet – Do you have to manage multiple twitter accounts at the same time? Try Splitweet. Splitweet helps you manage multiple twitter accounts at the same time from a single screen. Splitweet also helps in monitoring the reputation of a brand by sending email notifications whenever your company name is mentioned on Twitter.

TweetBeep- TweetBeep is a kind of Twitter alert service which will help you keep track of tweets that mention your company name, brand or any other keywords you have selected. You can get up to ten free alerts each month by signing up for a free TweetBeep account.

Socialoomph – Socialoomph is another great Twitter application which helps you schedule your tweets, track keywords, send welcome tweet to new followers, follow or unfollow those who follow or unfollow you.

Qwitter – Qwitter notifies you every time someone stops following you with the last tweet you posted after which the person stops following you. It is a great tool to understand the likes and dislikes of your followers.

Twinbox – Twinbox is a fully featured Plugin which will integrate Twitter into Microsoft Outlook. You can update your status, follow persons, use twitter search and perform all other activities directly from your Outlook account. It is a great tool if Outlook remains open all the time on your screen.

Twitoria- Twitoria is a small application to find out the followers who are not actively tweeting.

GroupTweet – GroupTweet is another useful application to communicate easily with specific group of people. You can use this service to communicate with your clients or to send some confidential information to all your employees at once via DM.

Tweepler – Tweepler helps you to organize your followers in a better way by showing you the stats of the last three weeks of each follower and save your time by eliminating the need to visit each profile.

Twimailer- Looking for more information in your inbox when you get a new follower? Then sign up for a free Twimailer account. Twimailer sends extensive email notifications about each new follower which contains the follower’s location, stats and their most recent tweets.

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