Monday, December 21, 2009

Leads From Linda - For Those with Parenting Focused Books

Motherhood Later…Than Sooner, an international organization devoted to those parenting later in life, with chapters nationwide, publishes a monthly email newsletter and a blog.  The newsletter features in each issue an inspiring, empowering woman who became a mom at 35+ (ideally 40+).  We are open to hearing from those who fit the bill.   Additionally, we invite writers and experts to submit guest blog posts re: content from books that might interest our readers, advice on parenting subjects, info. for women over 40, etc.  We feature reviews of children’s books, CDs and products in one of our newsletters, and welcome hearing about titles.  Our preference is to support more independent publishers, but we’re not exclusive to that.  Contact: Robin Gorman Newman, founder, at     

Leads From Linda comes to us from Linda F. Radke of Five Star Publications.  Be sure to visit Five Star to see what services they offer authors.

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