Monday, February 6, 2012

Amazon Launching a "Real" Store

The rumors are true - Amazon has announced that it is launching a retail store, in the Seattle area, to test the waters.  I've had people tell me that Barnes&Noble is doomed but I'm not so sure (well, they may be doomed anyway but I don't think this store launch is the dooming mechanism).  Amazon's advantage has always been that they didn't have a real retail presence, didn't pay state taxes, didn't have retail overhead, etc.  I remember when Walden Books tried to go the small, "boutique" route.  It tanked.  Granted, it was a different time, they had different stock and couldn't compete with Amazon.  But running a retail business is not the same as running an internet business.  Who knows, maybe B&N will create an app so shoppers can price compare in Amazon's store!  What do you think?  Oh, and here's the article with more details about the new Amazon store.