Monday, June 10, 2024

 #Bookreview of The Fallen Man (The Olympic Peninsula Series, Book 5)

By: Cat Treadgold

Publication Date: June 1, 2024

ISBN: 979-8-9877363-5-7

Reviewed by: Kathy Stickles

Review Date: June 10, 2024

Cat Treadgold is back with the final installment in The Olympic Peninsula Series and, as always, she does not disappoint. With very captivating characters and excellent writing, along with romance, fun, some challenges, and a little bit of the paranormal, The Fallen Man is an excellent conclusion to this series that will be adored by readers.

In The Fallen Man, we finally get to meet the last of the O’Connell siblings, the eldest brother Edward. He has returned to Port Townsend no longer a priest, as he has been for years, and hopes to figure out where he will now fit into the world and the family. When Edward was younger, he was one who caused some trouble and, for lack of another phrase, really “sowed his wild oats.” While trying to deal with his life and change himself for the better, Edward became a priest and turned away from his family. Unfortunately for Edward, others within the priesthood decided to work against him. With no easy way out of this situation, Edward gives up this calling and returns to his roots.

Lisette Manegold, who owns a café in Port Townsend, is a woman who also has quite the checkered past. Having changed her name and moved to this small town to open her café, Lisette hopes that the past is finally behind her. With a questionable reputation, Lisette is not a person who would be easily accepted by the wealthy O’Connell family and she knows it. So, what happens? Of course, Edward wanders into Café Lisette and is immediately taken with the beautiful Lissette. Having just gotten out of a relationship that was no good for her, Lisette is not sure whether she is ready to take this chance. What would happen to this new relationship if Edward and his family discovered her past?

Cat Treadgold has created another mesmerizing plotline for this book that delves not only into Edward and Lissette’s new relationship, but also into the past of both characters. In addition, we get plenty of fun and emotion with the other members of the O’Connell family, who we have grown to love and root for over the course of this series. The Fallen Man is set during the Christmas season, so not only do we get to meet new characters, but we also get a huge dose of the rest of the family and everyone being together to celebrate.

The characters, as always, are so well-developed and the reader ends up caring about each and every one, not just the main characters. With excellent dialogue and descriptive settings, The Fallen Man pulls the reader in and holds their attention from page to page. This author is such an excellent writer and this story is a perfect example of her ability to pull together so many different personalities and secondary plots without making any part of the story feel forced or confusing.

The Fallen Man is a riveting end to a wonderful series and I highly recommend the book to all romance lovers out there. The saddest part for this reader is the fact that this is the end of the series. Maybe we will all get lucky and there is a brother or sister out there in the O’Connell family that we do not know about yet, because Ms. Treadgold has yet to invent him or her. I guess we can always hope!

Quill says: The Fallen Man is a fabulous conclusion to The Olympic Peninsula Series that should not be missed. Throughout these five stories (and I have been lucky enough to review every one of them) I have had nothing but compliments for them and I do not often feel that way. I cannot wait to see what Cat Treadgold comes up with next.

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