Monday, June 17, 2024

 #AuthorInterview with Renee Crames

Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Katie Specht is talking with Renee Crames, author of Magical Animal Faces.

FQ: Tell our readers a little about yourself. Your background, your interests, and how this led to writing a book?

CRAMES: I grew up in White Plains, New York. I was the oldest of 4 children. My parents came to the United States as adults. I was the first person in my family to go to an American school. My imagination was sparked by the varied books I read such as Aesop's Fables and Grimm's Fairy Tales.

FQ: Have you always enjoyed writing or is it something you’ve discovered recently?

CRAMES: I have always enjoyed reading from early childhood, but it wasn't until recently that writing became a hobby and passion that blossomed into something amazing.

FQ: Tell us a little about your book – a brief synopsis and what makes your book unique.

CRAMES: This book is unique as its characters represent amazing people I have encountered throughout my life.

FQ: Do you have any plans to try writing a book in a different genre? If so, which genre and why?

CRAMES: At this moment I plan on continuing to write children's books. I have another story brewing in my thoughts and I look forward to developing that further.

FQ: Who are your favorite authors?

CRAMES: I have particularly enjoyed books by Herman Wouk ranging from Marjorie Morningstar to Winds of War. Wouk is a master storyteller who spins a captivating tale that resonates with real life. In non-fiction, Walter Isaacson is my favorite author.

FQ: If a character(s) is based on a real person, what made you decide to do that? Did you tell that person he/she is a character in your story and if so, what was their reaction?

CRAMES: The main characters were based off my grandchildren. They have always enjoyed the stories I told to them through the years and they inspired me to share a story with them in it to the world. The oldest was so excited to see herself represented in print in the book!

FQ: With so many books being released each year in children’s books, what made you decide to publish your book? What makes your book stand out from the crowd?

CRAMES: I decided to write a children's book because I have always loved telling stories to my children and now my grandchildren. I think my book stands out as a feel-good family book that focuses on instilling values and kindness into the world and I feel like everyone could use a little more of that in their life.

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