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#bookreview of Wyvern's Plague: From the Annals of Dorophin by A.K. Bryce

Wyvern's Plague: From the Annals of Dorohin

By: A.K. Bryce
Publisher: Bryce Novels
Publication Date: April 15, 2024
ISBN: 979-8989852505
Reviewed by: Lily Andrews
Review Date: May 2, 2024
A. K. Bryce's book Wyvern's Plague: From the Annals of Dorohin recounts the incredible tale of a fifteen-year-old girl named Iris who becomes the honorable Lady of Sagesse after being a thief on the streets and after surviving a dreadful plague.
The plot centers on the interactions of ten clans on the island of Dorohin: Dragon, Ryu, Wyvern, Quetzalcoatl, Amphithere, Cockatrice, Drake, Lindwurm, Hydra, and Wyrm. The main character, Iris, is an outsider who comes from a lower clan and who gets entangled in the fallout from the decision that resulted in her pregnancy. One of the story's central plot points is a fierce conflict between the ruling clan and a clan that claims the emperor's throne. The main adversary is skillfully portrayed by the author as Ryu, the Dragon's fiercest adversary, who will do anything to cut short the life of anyone who stands in his way, including the fifteen-year-old protagonist. As further details emerge about the vicious rivalry and the desire for retribution for a mistake the protagonist is innocent of, the seductive proposition she is offered is a moment that will undoubtedly spark many readers' imaginations.
Iris's only ally is her blade, which she wields in the city of Sern to hack open the pockets and purses of unsuspecting people. One unfortunate occurrence includes her robbing a stranger of a diamond ring, which leads to her being apprehended by a guard and imprisoned. She spends several weeks being held in the cells until a strange woman from Sagesse named Wakana arrives one day to free her. However, before securing her freedom, Wakana offers an unexpected proposition that totally perplexes Iris.
Elsewhere, Lord Senbi of Sagesse urgently wants to resolve a succession issue. His wife recently passed away, leaving him childless, but remarrying is out of the question due to the urgency of the circumstances. Sagesse is a strategically important territory, and the absence of a successor complicates matters. He is a Wyvern Lord, and therefore only a Wyvern is suitable to succeed him, which brings Iris into the picture.
Iris, like her mother, was descended from Cockatrice, but she had no idea of her father's background. Her freshly found savior, Wakana, however, asserts that she is a Wyvern descendant. She further offers that, in exchange for her much-needed freedom, Iris must accept being taken to Sagesse under the guise of Lord Senbi's unknown daughter, and therefore, the rightful heir to the Sagesse region. With her experience rendered unimportant and her acceptance the only requirement, Iris wonders if this is just a pipe dream. However, the truth of her father's background, the true reason she was chosen, and the potential consequences if she is discovered are still unknown to her as she makes this difficult decision.
This is a story with a lot of high emotional peaks and relatively few flat spots. It is impossible to forget the characters' remarkable transformations, mind dialogues, and striking appearances. The world-building is incredible, and the rags-to-riches storyline has been executed flawlessly. A thorough introduction is included at the beginning of each chapter to help draw in and hold the reader's interest. This is a fantastic writing concept that also provides a summary of the chapters' key points.
Quill says: Wyvern's Plague: From the Annals of Dorohin by A. K. Bryce will immerse you in a sultry and enticing new universe with a cast of compelling new characters who will seduce you and make you want to stay a while. It has all the best elements of science fiction, including adventure, suspense, action, mystery and—most importantly—dragons! Choose this book to marvel at one of the most captivating dragon tales ever penned!
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