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#Bookreview of The Magic Sea Turtle

The Magic Sea Turtle

By: Kathleen Welton
Illustrated by: Chau Pham
Publisher: Bookfox Press
Publication Date: April 10, 2024
ISBN: 978-1960157515
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: April 30, 2024
An amazing sea adventure awaits a little girl with big dreams in The Magic Sea Turtle.
Myrtle is enjoying a beautiful day in the kingdom where she lives. The sun is shining, and the apple tree is covered in bright red, juicy apples. While Myrtle is busy picking apples, the sky overhead fills with dark clouds. And then the clouds cover the ground too - how will Myrtle find her way home?
Along with the heavy cloud cover, the winds pick up and soon Myrtle is carried away...down, down, down...As she tumbles toward the sea, the young girl is frightened and calls out for help.
Max the sea turtle hears her sounds.
"Hurry. Catch her before she drowns!"
She falls and tumbles in his sight.
"I sure hope she will be all right."
The seagulls rush to help Myrtle, and hold a magic carpet that catches her. The magic carpet flies the amazed girl to the ocean below and gently lands on Max the turtle. Once safely resting on the carpet, on top of Max, she meets many new friends - an otter, ducks, swans, and of course, Max the sea turtle. They ask Myrtle questions about her home, and then ask her to play with them. They have loads of fun as they swim and explore. As time passes, Myrtle realizes that if she can't get home, her dream of becoming queen will never come true. But then, maybe she should stay with her new friends where a new dream, a dream of being a turtle like Max could come true. What should she do?
The Magic Sea Turtle is an imaginative adventure that will spark children's dreams. Myrtle is adorable, and her enthusiasm for discovering what the ocean has to offer is contagious. Her ocean friends encourage her to explore new things and dream big dreams. The story is very upbeat and positive, and shows children that they should never stop wishing and dreaming. The author, Kathleen Welton, a strong advocate for "beaches, birds, and wildlife," has a passion for teaching youngsters about caring for our oceans and her passion shines through on every page of this delightful children's book. If you're looking for a fun sea adventure that will also educate readers about caring for the ocean, be sure to check out The Magic Sea Turtle.
Quill says: The Magic Sea Turtle is an adorable sea adventure that shows children that dreams do come true.
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