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#Bookreview of Cameron and the Shadow-wraiths by Mark Cheverton

Cameron and the Shadow-wraiths: A Battle of Anxiety vs. Trust (The Order of the Stones Book 2)

By: Mark Cheverton
Publisher: Gameknight Publishing
Publication Date: April 15, 2024
ISBN: 979-8989835508
Reviewed by: Katie Specht
Review Date: February 22, 2024

Mark Cheverton

From New York Times bestselling author Mark Cheverton comes the second book in his Order of the Stones series, Cameron and the Shadow-wraiths: A Battle of Anxiety vs. Trust. This book resumes a year after book one concluded, with Cameron having defeated the Demon Lord Malphas, thus saving New Orleans.

Our protagonist, Cameron Poole, has recently discovered that he possesses magic, which enables him to fight against the shadow-wraiths that have come to Earth. This time, one of Cameron’s friends has been abducted by them, which forces him to stand up to the anxiety that often overtakes him in order to save his friend.

Cameron, along with his friends Elisa, Karl, Leonard, and Bobby, embark on a mission to close the Void so the Demon Lord Malphas can never escape while also rescuing their friends who have been taken by the demon along the way. What is especially significant is that this story is not simply a battle of good versus evil. Cameron also has to fight his what-ifs and automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) during the battle. What is even more noteworthy is that the monsters that Cameron and his friends are fighting know about his anxiety, and use this to their advantage as they are able to get inside his head and produce this negative self-talk. Essentially, Cameron has to fight two kinds of monsters in this story—physical ones and psychological ones.

Cheverton has crafted a thrilling story of fantasy complete with monsters, battles, and magic, yet, he keeps his tale relatable to young readers by developing a protagonist with real characteristics: a middle schooler who struggles with anxiety and confidence. When writing a fantasy novel, it is easy to focus solely on the imaginary aspect of the story and allow that to overtake the narrative itself. However, Cheverton expertly walks this fine line, perfectly balancing the fantasy and made-up portions of the story while still developing real, relatable characters that readers will come to know, love, and root for during the course of the narrative.

Cheverton’s target audience is preteens, but this book could easily be enjoyed by adults as well. The focus on Cameron’s anxiety and how he copes could be utilized by a reader who might be struggling with something similar. Reading about a reluctant hero who overcomes anxiety and finds his confidence may be the motivation a struggling child needs to take a first step in his own life. Obviously, this should always be closely overseen by the child’s parents.

Quill says: With Cameron and the Shadow-wraiths: A Battle of Anxiety vs. Trust, Cheverton has continued the success of the first book in his Order of the Stones series. This book has something for everyone: suspense, fight scenes, monsters, friendship, overcoming obstacles, and the important life lesson of believing in yourself.

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