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#Bookreview of Belle and Chloe: Reflections in the Mirror

Belle and Chloe: Reflections In The Mirror

By: Isabela Sardas
Publisher: Archway Publishing
Publication Date: July 10, 2023
ISBN: 978-1665741545
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: February 20, 2024
A story that teaches young readers how to deal with trauma and coping with all the resultant issues – the pain of recovery, lowered self-esteem, and relationships is waiting within the pages of Belle and Chloe: Reflections in the Mirror.
Belle and Chloe are twins and also best friends. They play together, go to school together, and even have matching dogs, Muffin and Waffles. Both girls also love helping their mother make dinner, and that’s where our story begins....
One night, while Belle was helping her mother cook dinner, she reached for the hot pot of soup that was on the stove. The stove tipped forward, and the hot soup spilled all over Belle. The heat from the hot soup caused Belle to cry out in pain. Her mother acted swiftly, calling 911 and wrapping her daughter in a sheet. Belle was rushed to the hospital, where she was assessed and found to have third-degree burns over the upper parts of her body. Belle’s parents were told that their daughter would need to stay at the hospital for a few months and would also need numerous surgeries.
Eventually, Belle was able to come home from the hospital. She had gone through countless painful treatments, but the transition back to home life wasn’t easy. Belle needed lots of help from her mother, which made Chloe feel forgotten; Belle was afraid to be alone, she didn't want to go to the bathroom by herself, and she was even hesitant to leave her room; and then there were the nightmares...would they ever stop?
The author of Belle and Chloe: Reflections in the Mirror, Dr. Isabela Sardas, is a licensed clinical psychologist with many years of experience treating psychiatric disorders in youngsters. Her expertise shines through on the pages of this story where the reader sees Belle struggle with the various issues she must deal with - not just as her painful burns are treated, but also after she has returned home. Beyond the pain of the burns, Belle doesn’t want to look at her burns when the bandages are removed, and later, she’s convinced that her scars make her different. These are all real issues that both children and their parents may struggle with and they are discussed in a sensitive way so that readers will better understand what they may face. Through the author's expertise in presenting a relatable story, children who may be struggling with issues surrounding trauma will see themselves in the struggles of Belle and understand that they are not alone. In the story, Belle and her family go to a therapist and through their experience, we can see that it's not a scary thing but rather a very helpful activity to help begin the process of healing. These and so many other things are discussed in Belle and Chloe: Reflections in the Mirror, and it's definitely a book you should consider if a child you know is dealing with similar issues.
Quill says: Belle and Chloe: Reflections in the Mirror is a sensitive, caring story to help both children and their caregivers work through the many challenges that come with trauma. It is an excellent book to read together and is highly recommended to help children work through the many issues they face after a serious injury.
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