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#BookReview of Gino's Exciting Family Adventure

Gino's Exciting Family Adventure

Written and Illustrated by: Elzie Nay
Publisher: OneVidin Press
Publication Date: November 2023
ISBN: 979-8989621101
Reviewed by: Diana Coyle
Review Date: January 4, 2024
Gino, a kitty who is all fluffy, white, and gray, is in a local animal shelter and loves playing with his other kitty friends, Jack, Mia, Amy, and Ben in Gino’s Exciting Family Adventure by Elzie Nay. All he wants is a nice loving family, a warm home to live in, and warm embraces from his family members. He constantly hopes for his dreams to come true and wishes that one day soon, they will.
One day, to Gino’s surprise, a young lady named Gabby arrives at the shelter looking for a new kitty to adopt. She looks at all the available kitties and falls in love with Gino. They get along so well that Gabby adopts him and brings him home with her. He grows to love Gabby, and they spend a lot of time together cuddling, playing games, and forming a warm, loving bond between them. Eventually, Gabby starts having her friend, Jon, come over to spend time with her. Gino is unsure of Jon, and watches Jon and Gabby spend time together from afar. Over time, Jon marries Gabby and the three of them are one happy family. But when Gino finds out that Gabby and Jon are expecting a baby soon, how does Gino feel about having a new baby brother or sister in the picture? Will he still get just as much love and affection from his Mommy and Daddy when the baby arrives?
This was a wonderful children’s book that teaches children not only how to love and care for animals, but also how love can grow and be shared with many people and animals at one time. It was enjoyable to see that Gabby wanted to rescue an animal in need of a loving home and went to her local animal shelter to see what kitty would be the perfect fit. When Gino and Gabby laid eyes on each other, you could feel their love radiating from the pages. It was enjoyable seeing how their loving bond grew, then even extended to Jon when he started dating Gabby and then eventually married her.
When Nay decided to introduce the idea of Gino soon becoming a big brother to either a baby boy or girl, it was obvious she was teaching children that no matter how many people are in your family, everyone can equally love each other and flourish together as a growing family. This ultimately was Gino’s wish all along.
Additional information to note is that the author included a blank page to have her readers draw or write about the ones they love and care for. Through this exercise, she is helping children take a look at their families and acknowledge just how lucky they are to have a loving and caring home just like Gino did in this entertaining children’s story. Gino, through his story, shows children that dreams really do come true.
Quill says: Gino’s Exciting Family Adventure is a story that promotes love and kindness, and teaches children that no matter how big or small your family might be, there is plenty of love to go around for everyone. This children’s book comes highly recommended!
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