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#Bookreview of Geography Alphabet by R.M. Smith

Geography Alphabet: An Introduction to Earth’s Features for Kids

Written and Illustrated by: R.M. Smith
Publisher: Clarence-Henry Books
Publication Date: January 21, 2024
ISBN: 978-0988290952
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: January 12, 2024
R.M. Smith, author of several children’s books, including the popular An Alphabet in Space, has returned with another delightful alphabet book, this time focusing on interesting aspects of geography to entertain and educate young minds.
Geography Alphabet begins with three beautiful Emperor penguins waddling across some ice. And where are they? The accompanying, easy-to-follow text tells the reader that A is for Antarctica, which is “the coldest, windiest, and driest place on Earth!”
We go from the coldest place on Earth to a nice, warm, and sunny place for the letter B - a Beach. A boy runs on a beach with a huge smile on his face because the kite he is holding is soaring high above him. There’s a whale and a boat in the water, waves pounding the beach, and a snail happily glides along the sand. All these elements of the artwork have their names spelled out so emerging readers can strengthen their skills. Again, the text is easily understood, as the author notes that “A beach is an area where land meets water. The ground is mostly made up of sand, pebbles, or coral.”
While the majority of letters denote places (D is for Desert, T is for Tundra, etc.), there are a few letters that are used for things, such as K for “Key.” I suspect that few young readers have heard of the term, and the author explains it concisely and clearly, with an excellent illustration of a key used for a map. Smith also uses a great “thing” for the letter X, but I won’t give it away – get the book and let your young reader discover what X is for.
The author has found his niche with alphabet books. Last year I reviewed his book An Alphabet in Space and absolutely loved it, and now, with Geography Alphabet, he has really found his forte. The text is informative and easy to follow, while the illustrations, which the author does himself, are bright and clearly illustrate the item being discussed. While P may be for Plain, it doesn’t mean much without the lovely illustration of a wide-open plain with a barn, windmill, hay bale, and buffalo gracing the page. This book offers the whole package and is an excellent addition to the alphabet genre. It would also be a good starting point for a youngster showing an interest in geography or in need of a school project.
Quill says: Geography Alphabet is a fantastic addition to the crowded genre of alphabet books, but with its clever text and lovely illustrations, it’s sure to stand above the crowd.
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