Wednesday, November 8, 2023

#Bookreview of Unforgettable by David Cook


By: David Cook @DavidCookUnforgettable
Publication Date: October 4, 2023
Reviewed by: Lily Andrews
Review Date: November 7, 2023
In Unforgettable, David Cook delves into the triumphs and challenges of one family over the years in a potent tale that showcases unshakable bonds that stand the test of time.
Gabrielle, Althea, and Stephanie are three young women who face serious tragedy in their childhoods. These unfortunate circumstances cause their lives to intertwine when they are adopted by a kind couple, Dr. Ross and Jade. These two see that each child is given a proper education, and they mold them into responsible adults and role models by showing them love, warmth, and kindness. The three young women develop a strong sibling bond cheering each other on from an early age. Tragedy strikes again when the girls' beloved Dr. Ross passes away. To honor him, the three, who fondly call themselves The Three Musketeers, come together with their adopted mother reminiscing over the good times and difficult times that the family encountered over the years as they pay their respects. They narrate these memories to Joy, another young woman and a friend of the family, whose life was saved by Dr. Ross's miraculous serum that could treat the deadly tyloid syndrome.
David Cook lets readers in on a relatable family whose mettle was tested in various ways; such as Stephanie's life-altering condition that almost led to her death, a gun incident at the girls’ school that almost cost Althea's life, and Dr. Ross's work-related challenges and serious allegations that got him arrested before he eventually got released. Throughout, Jade's narration takes center stage as the young women listen in and make meaningful additions to the story. The main triumph in their lives was Ross's discovery of the miraculous drug that saves the lives of not only Stephanie but many other children who had the same condition.
The author has accomplished much in this text. He deftly manages to shed a light on complex topics such as gun violence, reckless driving, drug overdoses such as fentanyl, domestic violence, and suicides, exploring the role that mental health and mental illness play in committing these vices. The book opens a pathway to the undertaking of a more serious approach by legislators and policymakers in dealing with these urgent, intricate, and multifaceted problems. Through his well-hewn characters and great world-building, Cook juggles emotions with ease, all the while demonstrating his virtuosity across the pages through evocative wordplay and adept dialogue.
The book's length is just right for a quiet afternoon, and readers might be compelled to go back to the book upon finishing reading to dig up the nuances they may have left during the first reading. Unforgettable by David Cook unfolds in a meticulous way, and it is hard to believe that this is a fictional novel. It is indeed a perfectly executed and well-contrived read with the right ingredients of a page-turner.
Quill says: Reading Unforgettable feels like one is on a journey full of mini-lessons, eventually emerging with enviable wisdom and perspective. Its consistently engaging plot makes it a wonderful addition to the literature world.
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