Monday, November 27, 2023

#Bookreview of Santa Claus: The Beginning by Terry Broxson

Santa Claus: The Beginning

By: Terry Broxson
Publisher: Atmosphere Press
Publication Date: November 7, 2023
ISBN: 979-8891320130
Reviewed by: Katie Specht
Review Date: September 19, 2023
Author Terry Broxson is back with his third published book, this time his first work of fiction, entitled Santa Claus: The Beginning, a heartwarming story of how a young toymaker embraces the role of Santa Claus.
Our story begins as we meet Rudolph Stern, a trained toy maker and owner of Rudolph Stern Toys, located in Boston. Rudolph adopts two young boys, Benjamin Timmons and John Nicholas, from a nearby orphanage and teaches them how to become extraordinary toy makers. Rudolph gives them a good life at the toy shop, making them his apprentices, setting them up with savings accounts at the bank, and announcing the designation of them as partners in the toy shop. Rudolph eventually passes away, leaving the toy shop in Benjamin and John’s capable hands. For the next four years, they busy themselves making quality toys until tragedy strikes as a cholera epidemic spreads across the city. Unfortunately, the disease claims Benjamin’s life. That Christmas Eve, John finds himself lonely and sad when, unexpectedly, Benjamin appears to him as an angel and tells him that he has been chosen to carry out a very special mission. From that moment on, John’s life will never be the same.
John is immediately transported to the North Pole where he is presented with an amazing castle nestled among snow-covered mountains, reindeer, elves and the most incredible workshop he has ever seen. Once there, John is astonished to discover that Rudolph Stern, his former mentor, is also present and is part of this mission as well. Rudolph and Benjamin try their best to explain the mission and what John’s role will be in it. John is stunned as he is faced with an incredible, unbelievable situation...
Santa Claus: The Beginning is an uplifting and easy-to-read story that readers both young and old will enjoy. Broxson has crafted a magical story that explores the origins of Santa Claus in a way that has never been explored before. The adventure is sure to please young adult readers who still like to partake in the fun and imagination of Christmas. Broxson’s writing is simple enough that young readers will have no difficulty reading it. It was also especially fun to see the bright and colorful images that Broxson included throughout the story. This was a lovely added touch to the story.
Quill says: With Santa Claus: The Beginning, Broxson has taken a classic story and added a new twist, resulting in an entertaining, magical, and uplifting story about the wonder of Christmas and its foremost character, Santa Claus.

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