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#BookReview of Cold Peace: A Novel of the Berlin Airlift, Part 1

Cold Peace: A Novel of the Berlin Airlift, Part I

By: Helena P. Schrader
Publisher: Cross Seas Press
Publication Date: June 15, 2023
ISBN: 979-8-9871770-0-6
Reviewed By: Kathy Stickles
Review Date: August 10, 2023
Cold Peace: A Novel of the Berlin Airlift, Part 1 is an absolutely enthralling new historical fiction story from author Helena P. Schrader and, at least in my opinion, she has hit it out of the park with this book. The historical facts and accuracy in this story, intermixed with the historical figures and the fictional characters who have been added, make it a book that holds the reader’s attention and teaches them at the same time, an incredible combination.
Cold Peace is set three years after the end of World War II as Europe is trying to recover while still being under the threat of the Soviets. At this point in time, Berlin is trying to come to grips with all of the problems they are facing, such as rationing and unemployment, as well as the fact that the city is being occupied by Soviets, Americans, and the French, all fighting for control of the city. This makes everything even harder on the people who only want to recover and move on. While all of this is happening, a Soviet plane is a participant in the crash of a British passenger plane in Berlin and now the entire world is on the brink of World War III.
While Cold Peace contains numerous real-life figures from history, the story also includes many fictional characters who help make the novel so fabulous. The cast of characters includes a pilot from the Battle of Britain, a female air traffic controller and her adorable daughter, and a survivor from a concentration camp, to name just a few. These characters come together in Berlin with many others as they try to aid the people and keep the conflict with the Soviets, who are also occupying Berlin, from boiling over into another tragedy. Is that even possible? For that, you will have to read the book and I can tell you for certain that it is so well worth the read.
Although this is the first book by Schrader that I have read, this author has written numerous books wrapped around World War II and I can only assume that they are all as fascinating and accurate as this one. Cold Peace is the first book in a trilogy that is going to show the reader the history of the blockade in Berlin that leads up to the famous airlift and the people, both actual and fictional, who were involved. It is apparent that this author puts her everything into a story as the development of the characters, the dialogue, the historical facts, and the descriptive settings are completely accurate and draw the reader in very quickly.
Cold Peace has such a wide range of very different and complex characters and the way the stories jump back-and-forth between the characters is simply marvelous. After a while, all of the characters seem to intertwine effortlessly, and it makes the book even more engaging. The plot is perfectly done and timed and really leads the reader through the political and cultural history of Berlin. All of this combines into a very fast-paced, suspenseful, emotional, and riveting story that any reader will find almost impossible to put down. It is simply one of the best historical fiction books that this reviewer has ever read and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys military history, world history, or simply a very realistic and attention-holding book. The settings are perfect, the writing is superb, and the plot is very well-crafted.
Quill says: Cold Peace: A Novel of the Berlin Airlift, Part 1 is a riveting and wonderfully written example of historical fiction and definitely stands out as one of the best. There is nothing better than reading a book by an author who is able to weave together a story full of historical fact and figures with a group of fascinating fictional characters, but Schrader has done just that. I am sure that all readers will be anxiously awaiting part 2 in the series. I know that I certainly will be as I have become a huge fan.
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