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#bookreview - The Lion Within: Power Unleashed Series, Book 1

The Lion Within: Power Unleashed Series, Book 1

By: Angela L Gold
Publication Date: June 11, 2021
ISBN: 979-8517039545
Reviewed by: Dianne Woodman
Review Date: July 19, 2022

The Lion Within by Angela L Gold is the first book in the Power Unleashed Series. The year is 2078, and the United World Order governs the world population. The Order controls every aspect of a person's life, including religious beliefs. Anyone who professes the existence of divine power is imprisoned and executed. The story is centered around young adult Rory Rydell, a physician student who is part of a training program to become a full-fledged doctor.

When a comatose patient is admitted to the hospital, Rory's life is dramatically affected. Even though there is no proof of the patient regaining consciousness, Rory converses with the patient, who believes Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that Rory is the chosen leader of a rebellion against the Order. At first, Rory thinks she is suffering from hallucinations. Nevertheless, as a result of these conversations, Rory accepts Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. However, she questions God's wisdom in choosing her to lead the rebellion.

The path Rory has chosen is not an easy one. She feels unqualified to overthrow the government's stranglehold on society, as she is a new child of God. Rory’s parents appear to be advocates of the Order, and she struggles with how to deal with her fiancĂ©, who does not have a relationship with God. To complicate matters even more, the role Rory will play as the rebellion’s leader is unclear.

The Lion Within is an exceptionally well-crafted, thought-provoking story that illustrates the universal implications when it comes to people's opinions about whether there is divine power at work in the universe. Readers see the radical difference between those who devote their lives to following God regardless of the consequences and those in global leadership positions who profess God’s lack of existence and persecute anyone who dares to disagree with them.

The author has crafted believable characters with clear motivations behind their behaviors and actions, whether they stand out positively or negatively. Rory's journey in faith includes an out-of-body experience, a new relationship with Jesus Christ, dealing with feelings of inadequacy to fulfill God's calling, visits from an angel, miracles, and supportive believers. These things lead to faith transforming her life in ways that the unimaginable becomes imaginable.

Gold not only shows what unfolds in people's lives when two sides have opposite views in conjunction with their beliefs about whether divine power exists but also the fallout that results from the disparate treatment of people in a society dominated by a dictatorship. Readers get a first-hand look into how God works in Rory's faith journey in which she faces tests that challenge her physically and emotionally. The author has written a book that will give readers something to think about and stay with them long after reading it.

Quill says: The Lion Within is an inspirational story of a young woman's incredible journey of spiritual transformation in the face of overwhelming odds.

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