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#BookReview - Kill Romeo (Freddy Ferguson, Book 2) by Andrew Diamond

Kill Romeo (Freddy Ferguson, Book 2)

By: Andrew Diamond
Publisher: Stolen Time Press
Publication Date: July 2, 2022
ISBN: 978-1-7341392-6-6
Reviewed by Diane Lunsford
Review Date: July 18, 2022
Andrew Diamond’s second book in his Freddy Ferguson Series, Kill Romeo, is a thrilling page-turner. Effortlessly, he draws his audience in with the nuances of organized crime, espionage, and the tangled web of technology.
On August 19th in Nelson County, Virginia, former boxer turned investigator Freddy Ferguson thought he would enjoy a hike in the beauty and splendor of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. Of course, all was going phenomenally well until it wasn’t. A storm was brewing, and Freddy now understood why he was warned against hiking near the beaver dam that Mrs. Jackson told him to avoid. However, his tagalong golden (Mrs. Jackson’s dog) deposited a woman’s shoe at Ferguson’s feet and barked incessantly for him to follow. Freddy couldn’t resist. The storm that seemed to be ‘kicking up’ was about to get real, but Freddy’s instincts told him to go toward the dam instead of away. Imagine his surprise when he arrived at the scene of the proverbial ‘crime.’
The rain was coming down in thick sheets and Freddy was having trouble keeping up with the dog. When the bolt of lightning lit up the stormy sky, he caught sight of the dog. He was quivering next to something and upon closer inspection, that something turned out to be a well-dressed woman. Dressed completely in white: ‘…a lightweight white cardigan, white blouse, knee-length white skirt, and one white satin shoe…’ Freddy now knew the origin of the random shoe the dog brought to him earlier. Upon closer inspection, Freddy could see the woman’s body was blue and after checking for a pulse, he couldn’t find one. A myriad of questions ran through his mind. Why would someone dress like this for a hike in the woods? Who was she? There were no signs of a struggle; no visible blood and nobody sets out for a hike wearing heels. Freddy’s investigative intuitions kicked into high gear. Little did he know his discovery was only the beginning in the series of unfortunate encounters he was about to experience.
To say Andrew Diamond knows how to spin a thriller of a story is an understatement. His insights and skill in anchoring his voice from the onset are exceptional. It’s always a pleasure to read a body of work from an author who is tuned into not only his genre, but the intended audience he caters to. Diamond owns this. There is no drag, and the power and placement of his words is perfection from chapter to chapter. Mr. Diamond knows the exact moments to shift from intrigue to a little romance and head on into ‘who done it’ mode. His development of character Freddy Ferguson is phenomenal in that he breathes credible life into him by painting a few flaws into his ‘hero’ armor. I say well done and I cannot wait to read the next book in the Freddy Ferguson Series.
Quill Says: Kill Romeo is the perfect balance of intrigue and suspense that’s sprinkled with just the right amount of sublime romance. Add this to your summer ‘must read’ list!
For more information on Kill Romeo (Freddy Ferguson, Book 2), please visit the author's website at: https://adiamond.me

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