Wednesday, September 23, 2020

#BookReview - Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle: Hope Resilience Gratitude

By: Christine Beckwith and Dr. Wendy L. Wright
Publisher: 20/20 Vision Press
Publication Date: September 2019
ISBN: 978-1944913489
Reviewed by Diane Lunsford
Date: September 22, 2020

Breaking the Cycle is an intimate reflection of hope, resilience and gratitude.

Dr. Wendy L. Wright is a family nurse practitioner and her co-author, Christine Beckwith, is an award-winning corporate executive. This dynamic duo come together and deliver a book that truly is anchored around the premise of hope, resilience and gratitude. The women work in tandem chapter upon chapter by starting with their respective accounts of ‘The Neighborhood’ and how it was foundational in grooming them to become the dynamic women they are today. A common theme that resonates from the onset is how parallel their lives were growing up separately, but because of that, the inevitability of them coming together later in life.

Each chapter is devoted to a passionate view of no matter where a person has come from, it is up to that person to define and embrace the possibilities of what their life can be. Of course, both women portray personal setbacks and shortcomings, but throughout their respective lives, they chose to overcome and succeed. They share the adoration and love they had (and have) for their parents and respect and acknowledge they did the very best they could. It was abundantly clear that the sacrifices they made for their children were key in instilling the confidence both women have.

It’s difficult to site the many passages that resonate with me throughout this book, but one that comes to mind immediately is the chapter on ‘No Place Like Home, Focus and Drive.’ Christine sets it up with an analogy of ‘dress for success’ and the essence it has in anchoring confidence. As the chapter builds in momentum, it is when she arrives at the premise of self-recognition that a cacophony of lightbulbs illuminates, ‘...It takes a soul that self-recognizes...The brain and the body can drive you towards sinful desires, sinful habits, sinful places, people and things. The heart is your GPS. Your soul is the map. You must align the three: heart, body and soul. There is a reason I believe that body is sandwiched between the heart and soul. Capture your body between your heart and soul and it will stay on the correct path. To do this, you must elevate your GPS and your map, and let those two steer the course and guide you to the right road. Only then can you live in true happiness...’

Dr. Wright and Ms. Beckwith have done an admirable job in writing an exceptional body of work. There was a lot of thought and consideration in place in how it is organized. Each chapter ends with an exercise of self-reflection as it prepares the reader for the next. It addresses questions key to the concept of the given chapter and allows the reader to take pause, think about the questions presented and delve into how he/she can relate to what the good Doctor and Ms. Beckwith set out to achieve in the chapter. This is a work of inspiration and is positively uplifting. It is no wonder both women acknowledged the importance in sharing their respective successes (and sometimes downfalls). This book is overflowing with life’s lessons and the beauty in recognizing hardships as it neatly ties the concepts together with the notion of the vital importance of leaving them behind in order to conquer greater mountains ahead. Well done to you both.

Quill says: Breaking the Cycle is a terrific read rife with words of encouragement and ‘can do’ epitaphs.

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