Monday, September 21, 2020

#BookReview - Big Wishes for Little Feat


Big Wishes for Little Feat

By: Cheryl Olsten
Illustrated by: Paolo d'Altan
Publication Date: October 2020
ISBN: 978-1733955102
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: September 2020

Debut author Cheryl Olsten has penned a magical book about a little girl, a very special horse, and an adventure that will have every child who reads the story looking to the stars.

Lafitte De Muze is a little horse with big dreams. He was born on a beautiful horse farm in Belgium and while he had a happy upbringing, he was smaller than the other foals and had to work twice as hard to keep up. But with encouragement from his mother and father, he kept trying and never gave up. He hoped to one day find his perfect rider, and the best way to do that, he thought, was to grow big, fast, and strong.

When Lafitte was four years old, it was time to go to the annual horse sale where the horses expected to find their perfect new owners. Sadly, while all the other horses did find new owners, Lafitte wasn't purchased. He was too small. Would he ever find that perfect person to love him?

Meanwhile, far, far away, lived a little girl named Ella. She loved to look at the stars and study the constellations with her dad. But when her parents fell on hard times, she was sent to live with her aunt in Belgium. Ella's Aunt Anastasia was kind, and loving, but Ella was homesick. While Anastasia's passion was gardening, she did once, long ago, spend some time riding horses. Perhaps horses would help Ella...a trip to the nearby stable begins an adventure that both Ella and Lafitte will never forget.

Big Wishes for Little Feat is a lovely story about a little girl's dreams coming true. The story is based in the "real world" but has a slight magical twist, just enough to make young readers believe in the magic. The special bond that Ella and Lafitte develop is wonderful and while Lafitte thought he was too small, he learned that he was the perfect size for young Ella. What a great message. And as the story continues, Ella, along with readers, learn that "Sometimes wishes do come true." At over 40 pages of text, the story would be a bit too long for very young readers, but would be perfect for readers in the 7 to 8 (and a bit older) range. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and really add a dreamy feel to the whole story. Any child who loves horses will certainly adore this story as will any child that loves to dream.

Quill says: From the story, to the message it conveys, and the beautiful artwork, Big Wishes for Little Feat is a wonderful book that should be added to your child's bookshelf!

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