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BookReview - The Legend of Deputy Jim @DanEHendrickso1

The Legend of Deputy Jim: Prequel to The Last Enemy Series
By: Dan E. Hendrickson
Publisher: Dan E. Hendrickson
Publication Date: September 2019
ISBN: 978-10-578-56832-4
Reviewed by Diane Lunsford
Review Date: February 2, 2020
Dan E. Hendrickson takes his audience on a modern-day adventure to the ‘wild west’ in Story, Wyoming.
It’s 1974 and Deputy Jim Edwards is the newest edition to the Sheridan County, Wyoming Sheriff’s department. He has a beautiful young wife and a perfect four-year-old son. Jim is ready to take on his new career and is all about keeping the streets of Story safe. One problem he faces, however, is the likes of the Wild Wolves Biker gang. It seems they’re not quite ready to welcome Edwards with open arms.
As Edwards settles into his new job, he’s assigned to one of the force’s finest, Lt. Al Freeburger. It doesn’t take Freeburger long to notice Edwards has talent and is committed to succeeding in his job. Problem is, he has a temper that knows no bounds. When Grinder, second in command of the Wild Wolves gang, decides it’s okay to threaten Edwards' wife and child, little did he know Edwards' rage would take over. The anger and fury that is unleashed is a situation that could possibly cost Jim his career before it gets off the ground. To compound an already bad situation, Edwards doesn’t know that his display of anger that is unleashed on Grinder marks him for an outcome that could end his life.
Dan Hendrickson has done a great job of updating the notion of the wild west with a 1970’s flair. It’s a time and place when drug trafficking and law enforcement certainly had more than a clash of personalities. Hendrickson does a great job of painting the scenery of the wide-open west and complements it with the small-town attitude of a community that wants to be rid of gangs and drugs. His dialogue is credible and when presented with conflicts between the gang and law enforcement, it doesn’t play out as ‘cheeky.’ Hendrickson moves the story along nicely and with intermittent twists and turns to the plot, he manages to keep the element of surprise intact alleviating an outcome of predictability. After reading The Legend of Deputy Jim, I think it’s time to go back and read other works by Mr. Hendrickson. He pens a great read. Well done! I look forward to your next book.
Quill says: Saddle up all you cowboys! The Legend of Deputy Jim is a page-turning, must-read adventure.
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