Sunday, February 9, 2020

#BookReview - An Armadillo on My Pillow @BooksFrog

An Armadillo On My Pillow
By: Deborah Stevenson
Illustrated by: Morgan Spicer
Publisher: Pigs Fly Books
Publication Date: February 2020
ISBN: 978-1732541061
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: February 2020
Young readers are about to go on a delightful, and very funny, adventure as they join a young girl who discovers an armadillo on her pillow.
It's time for Miranda to wake up for school but as soon as she opens her eyes, the young girl knows it is going to be a very unusual day. A quick peek and she sees:
"Asleep by my head is a snug armadillo! His shadowy form softly snores on my pillow."
What is going on? Miranda stays under the blankets as she peers cautiously around the room and sees more unusual animals including a capybara. As the room fills up with still more animals, Miranda pops out from under her blankets to watch the commotion.
"Now a mongoose in sneakers goes barreling past.
Though one sneaker falls off, she is still lightning fast!
She's hot on the trail of a copperhead snake.
The reptile seems worried -
he's started to shake."
But the action isn't over yet. More and more animals come to Miranda's room, and these are not your typical soft, furry pets but rather critters such as a spectacled owl, a hippo and even a sloth. Could this all be real? Is it a dream? Whatever is going on, I think Miranda is going to be late for school. 
An Armadillo On My Pillow is a very funny book that will keep readers wondering what is happening. I've read/reviewed a few other of Deborah Stevenson's book and have enjoyed all of them. This one, however, takes it a step further with the silliness of the story, the giggles that it will elicit, and I suspect children will want to read it again and again. Of particular note, the story, told in rhyme, does not use easy animal names to rhyme, but instead names such as chinchillas, a platypus, and my favorite, a wallaroo wearing a tutu. Morgan Spicer, the illustrator, has worked with the author on her other books and the two definitely have beautifully merged their skills to tell a perfect story. Well done!
Quill says: I loved An Armadillo On My Pillow and I'm sure your youngster will too.
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