Wednesday, October 30, 2019

#BooReview - The Tall Tree

The Tall Tree

By: Joseph O'Donnell
Illustrated by: Kasidy Sinteral Scott and Kestrel Erickson
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: September 2019
ISBN: 978-1977211842
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: October 30, 2019 
A woodland adventure that takes place in, and around, a beautiful tall tree, is a treat for children who will anxiously follow along to learn the fate of a missing mouse.
Deep in a forest stood a lovely tree. But the tree wasn't just beautiful to behold, it was also the tallest tree in the forest. Many woodland creatures called the tree home. At the very top lived a family of birds. Papa and Mama Bird worked hard to feed their six little babies. Below them lived a busy family of squirrels, as well as a family of chipmunks and at the bottom of the tree, on the ground, was a family of rabbits. The tree was crowded but all the residents were content. While they were all different, they played together and helped each other when needed. In fact, they were one big, happy family.
One day, two little mice showed up - brothers Sammy and Benny. Seeing how happy everyone in the tree was, the mice asked Papa Bird if they could move into the tree. Papa Bird was thrilled to welcome the mice to the tree and soon Sammy and Benny were considered part of the big, happy family. All was well until Sammy, who loved to explore, wandered away from the tree. Hours later he realized he could no longer see the tall tree - he was lost. Would Sammy be able to find his way home? Or would his friends in the tree be able to find him? What would happen...
The Tall Tree is a delightful story that shows what can happen when people, or in this case, cute little animals, come together to help each other. Seasoned mystery author JP O'Donnell (the "Gallagher" mystery series) has struck gold with his first venture into the world of children's books. The story moved along quickly with enough action to keep little readers engaged. And speaking of holding the interest of readers, the illustrations will also keep readers' attention. They are wonderful - vibrant and adorable. The animals come to life through their expressive eyes and cute expressions and beautifully move the story along. This is a book that your children will want to read every night at bedtime for a very long time!
Quill says: The Tall Tree is an adorable story that is beautifully illustrated. Children will love following along with the adventures of all the creatures who live in the tree while also learning that everyone, no matter how different, has something valuable to contribute to every adventure. 
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