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6 Novel Digital Marketing Ideas for Book Promotion #bookpromotion, #digitalmarketing

6 Novel Digital Marketing Ideas for Book Promotion

In these last few years, authors have started to pay more attention to marketing, considering the variety of digital tools they have available and can use to their advantage. As great as your finished book might be, without the right marketing tactics, meeting your ultimate goals as an author won’t be possible.
The power of marketing can directly impact your reputation, that’s why you need to start getting serious about your promotional approach, and actually make use of the most appealing techniques. Having your book on the top shelf of a book store isn’t what will help you drive the interest of readers, you need to find marketing strategies that allow you to boost awareness around your name and around the tile of your book. 
So what exactly should you be doing at the moment? What digital marketing ideas come with most potential?  

#1 Set up a website for your book

You can help potentially-interested readers to find you even before you actually finish writing and launch your book. How? By setting up a dedicated website for it. Your presence online will directly impact the number of sales, regardless if you choose to sell your book in book stores solely, or if you release an eBook version as well. 
The website can become the central place for digital users to discover some insights on what you’ve published. You can share a few interesting paragraphs there, to entice readers to actually buy the book, you can add the description, and any other info you believe will work well for promotional purposes. 
Find a custom domain that can be easy to identify. Also, make the platform SEO-friendly, so potentially interested people can easily come across it when searching online. The website can be used for your future projects as well, so try to keep it updated even after you’ve reached a pleasing number of book sales. 

#2 Build a powerful online presence on social media 

You don’t need to be an expert in digital marketing to know how much social media matters, and how much it can do for your promotional journey. Building a powerful presence on the most popular social channels will differentiate your success as an author. ‘
On these channels, you can create connections, engage with your readers, and spark interest in your target audience. You can use various strategies that will allow you to boost your exposure on popular platforms. 
      Set up an account on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram - these usually are the channels with the biggest audience. 
      Create great promotional content and publish regularly - try to generate buzz among your followings. 
      Start a social media contests and give a few copies of your book away - it will help you increase your number of followers and make more people interested in your creation
      Partner up with an Instagram influencer who you resonate with and can promote their book on their own accounts and redirect followers to yours. 
      Share photos of people reading your book - entice users to get their own copy by showing them others enjoy reading the book you have available
       Make use of visuals - play around with photos, videos, and graphics. Social media is all about visuals, so use them to your advantage. 
      Leverage the power of hashtags - make your creation recognizable and use the power of relevant hashtags in your social media posts.

#3 Create a killer book description and share it with the Internet 

From your social media accounts to your website, or the websites of people reviewing your book, share a great book description with the Internet in the way you think will work best. This should provide readers with a glimpse of what’s most interesting about the book itself, and not a summary of the storyline. 
Even if you are a brilliant writer, creating a killer book description that actually generates buzz on the Internet can be more difficult than you’ve thought, especially if you have to handle the task rapidly. A book description for digital marketing purposes needs to be made with promotional purposes in mind, and with attention to detail. 
If you’re struggling with this part of the process, resort to writing tools and services, such as GrabMyEssayGrammarlyStudicusHemingway EditorBest Essay EducationReadability Score. These will help you create a compelling, readable description, free of any grammar and spelling errors. 

#4 Identify your audience and direct your market efforts towards their favorite online “spot” 

You need to learn who exactly your audience is and what their usual digital activities look like on the daily. Once you’ve identified your target audience, you can go to those parts of the Internet where they enjoy spending most time. 
This is what author Lewis Howes did when marketing his book ‘The School of the Greatness’. He started by outlining his reader’s interested, followed by profession, where they lived, and their age as well. Basically, what he did was create a customer persona. 
With data at his disposal, he developed a digital marketing strategy tailored to his audience’s interests. He created content based on his book, repurposing it into social updates, videos for Snapchat and Instagram, scannable blog posts, longer clips for YouTube, etc. 
Whether it’s Reddit, Snapchat, Instagram, or YouTube, figure out where your readers are online, and create a plan on how you can reach them and catch their interest. 

#5 Reach out to top reviewers 

Today’s readers are informing themselves properly before deciding to actually spend money on a book. They have reviewers they trust, where they go see if a certain book is worth reading or not. Find top reviewers online who are mainly interested in your personal writing style, and reach out to them. Having a well-known book reviewer read and rate your book online can work quite well in your favor. This will help you increase visibility, and at the same time, it will contribute to your credibility as an author. 

#6 Amazon Ads

Even if you decide to sell your book on Amazon – which you probably will, considering how big of a marketplace the platform actually is – to generate sufficient exposure, rely on Amazon AMS Ads. More authors have seen the potential of Amazon Ads for sale increases. Start a campaign of this kind yourself, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results. 

Bottom line

In the digital era, marketing opportunities are more versatile and promising than ever. Promoting a book and reaching out to your target audience, without investing a lot of money into the process, is possible. While options are plenty, you should start looking into the ideas highlighted above. Each one of these actions will help you generate awareness around your book, and draw a larger number of readers. The way you choose to approach things in terms of promotion will directly impact your reputation, as well as your future as an author. Look over these suggestions, decide what would work for you personally, and start designing and implementing a marketing action plan that can help you reach your goals. 


Dorian Martin is a writer from Queens, NY. He graduated from New York University and started his career as a writer, now working as a content marketing specialist at Trust My Paper. He is a regular contributor to websites, such as Huffington Post, WOWGrade, The Guardian and also has a personal blog named

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