Friday, August 31, 2018

#BookReview - With Love, Grandma

With Love, Grandma

By: Helen Foster James
Illustrated by: Petra Brown
Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press
Publication Date: July 2018
ISBN: 978-1585369423
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: August 27, 2018
There's nothing like the special love a grandmother has for her grandchildren, and in With Love, Grandma, author Helen Foster James brings that love to the page through the use of an adorable pair of hedgehogs.
With Love, Grandma begins with Grandmother Hedgehog in her car, with a cute little camper attached to the back, waving good-bye to her grandchild who has come outside to wish his/her (we never learn if the grandchild is a boy or girl - which allows parents reading the book to their children to decide) grandmother a fun trip. Then off Grandmother goes on a mighty adventure.
It isn't long before Grandma has had some adventures that she'd like to share so she gets busy with pen and paper and writes her grandchild a letter. She begins with:
Dear Sweet Pea,
I've always loved letters and hope you will too.
I'm writing this letter in a meadow full of flowers.
She then goes on to suggest that "April Showers" brought a lot of May flowers and so she's sending her little "Sweet Pea" a packet of wildflower seeds.
Every letter that the grandmother writes addresses the grandchild with a different pet name - Sunshine, Little June Bug, etc. and they all end the same - With Love, Grandma XOXO. In between are brief letters about camping, taking a painting class and even kayaking. Grandmother is definitely having a busy and fun time! She also makes numerous references to "Camp Grandma" where she says her little one will have lots of fun when she returns home.
With Love, Grandma is another book where author Helen Foster James and illustrator Petra Brown have paired up. They previously worked together on the best-selling "Loves You" series and their success with those books definitely comes through in this one. The hedgehog centered illustrations are quite lovely and the story, which shows just how strong the love of a grandparent for a grandchild is, no matter the distance, is one that will give children a warm, cozy feeling - and that's a perfect feeling as one falls asleep at night!
Quill says: How can you not enjoy a book about a grandmother's love for her grandchild? With sweet letters and adorable drawings, this book will charm all those little sweet peas who look forward to visits from their grandparents.

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