Wednesday, August 22, 2018

#BookReview - Treacherous Estate. @bhctkaya@123

Treacherous Estate

By: Behcet Kaya
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: July 2018
ISBN: 978-1-7228-2969-8
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: August 19, 2018
Jacques Ludefance is an interesting character. From New Orleans, he moved to a small beach town located in the Panhandle of Northwest Florida. A scar over his eye, he lives aboard his boat, The Luna Sea, with an alligator named Emma, which brings about the nickname he is called by many: “Alligator Man.” Now, although this may sound like a pirate out of his century, Jacques is actually a retired Navy man who works as a P.I., and he’s about to get a case dropped on him…so to speak.
Sitting at his favorite restaurant, a lovely Asian woman walks towards him and begins to speak. Unfortunately, before all words could be said, she slips from a barstool and drops down on the floor – dead. What the Asian woman does get to do before going to meet her maker is hand a brown envelope to the P.I. who stashes it quickly, knowing that the police will be looking all over for clues of any kind.
Calling the sheriff to let him know about the corpse, Deputy Erik Lawson appears on site. Lawson is an old pal of Jacques because they served together for a good number of years. When all is said and done, and quite quickly by the way, the woman is found to be dead by natural causes. A bleeding ulcer was her demon, and the case is closed. Of course, Jacques isn’t done yet. He believes that he “owes” the woman a bit, once reading over the information he received from her. Not only was he given a variety of documents, but he also received a picture of a woman with her throat slashed and stacks of $100 bills totaling twenty grand.
It turns out this lady once had a very real name and a home in Vietnam, until she was “lucky” enough to marry one of the wealthiest businessmen in the area: Jonathan Holler. She ended up being called Lillian Holler, wife of the man who runs the import-export business, Holler Enterprises. Even Deputy Lawson is suspicious of this man. After all, he employees hundreds of people in the area, it has been reported that he’s exported various used machinery from the U.S., but there are a great many questions as to what he has been importing from Asia.
These rumors run amok, and it doesn’t take long to wonder if Lillian, the wife, was one of his many “imports” when it came to human trafficking. Jacques goes on the proverbial hunt; a hunt that will take him from California to Dallas and back again. A hunt that will have him placing a “spy” inside the walls of Holler Enterprises in order to see if information can be gained. And a hunt that will lead both of these people into severe danger.
Get ready for FBI, ATF, bombs, saving an alligator – you name it, this one has it. This is a story filled with action and suspense. In addition, with the background this author has and the travels he’s taken, the descriptions are extremely detailed. You feel like you’re literally standing in these locations as the complex, entertaining mystery comes to life.
Quill says: Pulse pounding! This is not only a memorable story, but you will not want to wait long before crossing paths with this P.I. again.

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