Monday, July 23, 2018

We Do the Promotion with a Feathered Quill Author Page!

Check out our new
Meet the Authors!

A very affordable alternative to building your own website. Also a great option for those who simply want additional exposure for their books. Here's a sample author page:

Check out how we announce your new Meet the Authors page:

- We will link your book image(s) directly to the book’s Amazon page
- Your “Meet the Author” page will be announced on our front page “ticker tape” widget
- We will announce – with a link – your author page on our blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages
- If you publish a new book, new cover image, new website url, etc., just send it to us and we’ll update your page free of charge
- Your author page stays up indefinitely – no yearly fees

A great option for those who don’t want to build their own website, or want additional traffic for their books. Currently offering a "new to our website" special price of just $25. Learn more here:

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