Friday, March 16, 2018

#BookReview - May I Come In?

May I Come In?

By: Marsha Diane Arnold
Illustrated by: Jennie Poh
Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press
Publication Date: February 2018
ISBN: 978-1585363940
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: March 2018
It's a nasty night - rain, thunder, lightning - and Raccoon is not happy.  He's cold and a bit frightened.  "Being alone on a night like tonight is scary," he says.  So he sets off to find a friend willing to take him in on such a dreay night.
Raccoon grabs his umbrella and heads to Possum's den:
"Possum, old friend, may I come in?"
Raccoon shouted over the thunder.
"What bad luck," Possum replied.
"My den's too small for one your size."
Determined to find shelter with a friend, Raccoon next heads to Quail's brambles.  But he gets the same reply from Quail, who says Raccoon is too wide to fit into the brambles.  Raccoon continues onward, heading to Woodchuck's hole as his umbrella is blown inside out by the wind and rain.  Unfortunately, Woodchuck too has no room for his friend.
Just as Raccoon is about to give up, he spots a light far off in the distance.  It's Rabbit's house...but when Raccoon knocks at the door and sees ten little rabbits hopping and bopping behind their mother, he assumes she too has no room for him. But Raccoon just might be in for a surprise.
May I Come In? is a sweet story that young readers will certainly enjoy.  It will be easy for them to identify with Raccoon who is frightened by the bad weather.  If read as a bedtime story, it allows several spots where parents can ask their children, "What would you do?" each time Raccoon is turned away.  The ending, which reassures children that good friends always find room to welcome others, is a comforting message that is perfect for a nighttime read during a bad storm.
Quill says: Making room for friends is a win-win and so is this book.  Sweet and charming.

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