Sunday, March 25, 2018

#BookReview - 806: A Novel

806: A Novel

By: Cynthia Weil
Publisher: Tanglewood Publishing
Publication Date: March 13, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-939100-14-6
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: March 25, 2018
Okay, ladies and gentlemen, with so many “harsh” and “dark” topics lately – whether that be in books or on the news – it is extremely inspiring and a real palette cleanser to receive a fun, emotional, light-hearted tale that makes you smile. And that is exactly what this book is all about.
Their names are KT, Jesse and Gabe. Although, some may refer to them as Sibling 1, 2 and 3. Why is that? Because the one thing these kids have in common is the fact that they were all “created” the same way. They came into being with the help of sperm donor 806. Each have their own quirks and talents. One is a bit on the angry side, although is great at strumming the guitar. Two is all about…magic. A mystical soul, yes, but unfortunately has to deal with what seems like allergies to absolutely everything. And when it comes to #3, you are talking about a true sports champion. Being on the varsity swimming team is one thing, but he also loves the fact that both his looks and skill cause batting eyelashes wherever he goes.
Teaming up, this trio decides that they want to do nothing more than meet biological Daddy: 806. What does that mean? Yup: ROAD TRIP! Jumping into a Jeep that doesn’t exactly look like the safest vehicle out there, these three have to deal with a life-changing trip that brings them closer together and closer to understanding where, perhaps, they got all these skills and quirks in the first place. And they do all this while trying to evade those familiar red, white, and blue lights of cop cars that are pursuing them for a reason.
Readers will have a blast (especially when they meet a certain fantastic pig) with all the different adventures that these guys get into. These three like each other at times, and dislike each other at times. The humor is there as they get to know each other during their journey. And, in the end, you will be thrilled to get to know them too.
The author has done an excellent job. Not a surprise, considering the talent here. Weil is a lyricist who happens to be internationally known. She’s behind the most played song of the 20th century (“You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling”) as well as Oscar-nominated and Grammy Award-winning hits. It’s amazing she can find any spare time to pen a tale. But, this is most definitely a superb one.
Quill Says: Even though this falls under the YA category, everybody should take the time to read this great book!

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