Wednesday, April 27, 2016

#BookReview - Theodore and Hazel and the Bird @theohazelkids

Theodore and Hazel and the Bird

By: Riza Printup and Marcus Printup
Illustrated by: Elyse Whittake-Paek
Publisher: RiMarcable Publications
Publication Date: March 2016
ISBN: 978-0692678718
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: April 2016

A sad little bird has lost his song. How will he ever find it again? In this charming story, two young children help the bird look for his ‘tweet.’ Working together, will they find the music the bird has lost?

Theodore is a trumpet player and his friend Hazel loves to create beautiful music on her harp. One lovely day, the two friends decide to head to the local park. The sun is shining and it’s the perfect day to play outside. They take their instruments along, because, gosh, it’s also a perfect day to share their music with others. As Theodore and Hazel are enjoying the park, they come across a bird who looks very sad. Wondering what might be wrong with their new acquaintance, the bird tells them that he has lost his song:

“I think I lost my song,” said the Bird
as his tears began to flow.
“I open up my beak to sing
and I sound like this...hhhhhhhhhhho!”

Theodore and Hazel offer to help the bird find his song so off the three go in search of the bird’s ‘tweet.’

As they wander through the park, the new friends, along with the reader, meet several creatures that call the park home. These animals, as well as a bike and human, make many different sounds. They all seem to have their own songs. But what about the bird? Will he, with the help of Theodore and Hazel, ever find his song?

Theodore and Hazel and the Bird is an enjoyable read for both children and adults. It’s great to see a book for early readers where the characters happily carry their instruments around everywhere they go. It’s clear that the authors, a husband and wife team, one who plays harp and the other trumpet, love their music and want to share it with others. The positive message of finding your inner voice, along with the comical revelation of what the bird sneezes out of his mouth will delight young readers. Add in the colorful illustrations and you have a book that children will ask for at bedtime.

Quill says: A charming story about finding your own special voice – with a happy ending, and a pair of unusual peas. This is a perfect bedtime story that children will want to read again and again.

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